Near-Death Experiences and Suicide Prevention

Near-Death Experiences and Suicide Prevention

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NDEs and Suicide Prevention — Roberta Moore, Sahar Loseu and Janice Holden, EdD
NOTE: the first several minutes of this video are still photos.

When people attempt suicide and have an NDE, they almost never attempt suicide again. These people have wisdom to share about how their failed suicides and NDEs transformed their lives from feelings of defeat and despair to feelings of hope and life purpose. This presentation will review the literature concerning NDEs and suicide, discuss the ways NDEs impact those who attempt suicide, and present video of people who have attempted suicide and brought back lessons from their NDEs. Also, a new video project about suicide and NDEs will be introduced.

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  1. "You will have to come back and face these things that you are facing now." …why? That's not free will. That's not consensual. Something really suspect is happening to us when we die. Btw, I started an educational program at a college and I dropped out and never went back and I never will because it's not necessary to finish everything you start. That's free will. I am not convinced that humans are truly concerned with actual s-word prevention. It would require addressing the exploitation that takes place of oppressed people in our world. We don't address that and so we'll continue to see s-word in larger numbers. We instead take the easy way out and think that just saying nice words is enough.

  2. Did you ever get the funding for the project? The only issue I take is treating those with suicidal ideation as children. Just give the information, don’t try to micro manage and treat with kid gloves, it’s a little patronizing, even if there’s the best of intentions.

  3. Bruce Greyson reminds me of a corrupt politician, he doesn't want truth to be revealed in all aspects. He thinks he is smarter than others and knows better what is best for you to know by withholding factual information. He wants the power and control over others on what they hear. Very typical of narcissistic behavior.

  4. People engage in suicide because they think they will escape the mental and emotional pain they are in. What they find out is that they simply bring it all with them and have complicated their situation, because they also have to deal with the mess that they left in this world, as their negative actions ripple through the lives of friends, family and even strangers, like a stone thrown into a still pond or a chain reaction pileup on an ice covered interstate. Their role modeling often gives others close or even merely known to them, the rationalization to also suicide and they are horrified to realize that they have this fresh blood on their hands too. Complication is because they are acutely aware that they are powerless to make right or prevent these ramifications of their suicide in this world, from where they are, a less desirable, impotent place in the next world.

    If suicide was really the answer, I would have done it decades ago or even this week. Instead, just exercise by walking or some other vigorous physical activities to dissipate the anxiety and depression you are feeling now. Then get SSRI medications at least in the short term and talk therapy on long term basis, to get out of the darkness you are in. Whatever is making you feel crazy today, this too shall pass!

  5. Please edit out the piano music. Truly it distracts and seems to distort the messages the interviewees are sharing. Like, Hey! Share this deep story and we’ll make it part of an elevator music absurdity joke! I doubt this was your intention so please be mindful of that.
    Also, the overall tone of the video seems to lack a groundedness or acknowledgement of the ugly reality of depression. It comes across as preachy in a way. It’s too ‘sugary’ to be of much help to those who will see it as a dismissal of their suffering.

  6. This is an interesting video, but it hasen't done much for my depression and suicidal thoughts. I've also had NDEs and mine varied from good to bad. Al I can say is that if you commit suicide and you're sent to a place of punishment, then God is a judgemental prick, punishing us of opting out of a life we never asked for.