Near-Death Experiences Among Combat Veterans

Near-Death Experiences Among Combat Veterans

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✨David Hufford, Ph.D., offers the benefits of a research, funded by the Office of Defense, on near-death experiences (NDEs) amongst beat veterans and the reaction of care vendors. He served on the the school of Penn State University of Medicine, David Hufford retired from his situation as College Professor and Chair of Professional medical Humanities, and Professor of Neural & Behavioral Science, and Family & Group Drugs for 33 decades.

This video provides the outcomes of a analyze of NDEs amid combat veterans and the reaction of care providers, funded by the Section of Protection. The study utilized a fifteen-web site questionnaire (overcome veterans) and an eight-page questionnaire (clinicians) 38% of the total vet sample, and 49% of all those who had pretty much died, explained experiences meeting Greyson’s NDE Scale conditions. These fees are really high, but the vet sample showed none of the qualities recommended to make clear NDEs e.g., the vet sample was drastically much better educated and significantly less religious or spiritual than the common populace. Clinicians, regardless of giving treatment to a populace with possibly the best charge of NDEs in the U.S., indicated they had seldom or in no way read this kind of matters from a customer and viewed as them to be indicators of psychological health issues that must be referred for psychiatric care–a important error according to modern day psychiatric literature, a self-reinforcing error that provides stigma, suppressing both widespread discourse and formal research on the subject. Presented the effective potential of NDEs, and the great importance of exact diagnosis, correcting this misunderstanding is a medical, scientific, religious and moral vital! This examine exhibits that the knowledge wanted for these types of reform is quickly obtainable.

David Hufford, Ph.D., is Senior Fellow in Spirituality at the Samueli Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. In 2007, right after 33 yrs on the school of Penn State University of Medicine, Hufford retired from his posture as College Professor and Chair of Clinical Humanities, and Professor of Neural & Behavioral Science, and Family & Neighborhood Medication. He is now University Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Psychiatry at Penn State, and Adjunct Professor of Religious Experiments at the College of Pennsylvania. Hufford’s publications have principally been worried with spiritual belief and experience, and spirituality and wellbeing. His guide The Terror That Arrives in the Evening, which studies his research on beliefs about spiritual evil observed all over the environment and their romantic relationship to sleep paralysis, was just lately translated into Japanese and Korean. Hufford is a founding member of the Editorial Boards of numerous journals which include the the new journals Spirituality in Clinical Follow, and Examine: The Journal of Science and Healing, and a founding member of the Cancer Advisory Panel on Complementary and Different Medicine at the National Caner Institute (NIH, Bethesda). Hufford’s existing research is concentrated on amazing spiritual experiences.

Resource: 2019 IANDS Meeting

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  1. I wonder what would occur (If anything.) If all of humanity, came together on a conscious level and acknowledged mentally and/or emotionally level, that Life After Death is real. (Personally don't believe that will ever happen in this time and space, but.) Think about a Mass consciousness event. Many folks around the planet, who focuses, concentrates…in Prayer and/or Meditation on one focused event. i.e. Stopping global warming. Rain in the Southwest. War around the World…What Would Occur and Happen? All this NDE's talk always gets me a thinking. I Wonder?

  2. There's some sort of secret in our family so knowing alone and you only ask for your share of the inheritance. All three of my siblings witnessed my ignorance to climb the service drop. For some odd reason I wanted to grab it with both hands five kids witnessed the electric shock there's nothing that will shock your add like that I was invincible. Amen
    Just to show you it's just a shocker that Sister Shelley says from this experience showing you the light was God's way of telling you it's not your time yet. So I've been on a good note finding the purpose OPTOHELPER

  3. I used to have sleep paralysis so many times. I would struggle to get the name of Jesus out of my mouth and then I would be able to move. It definitely was evil. I am Jewish and live in Israel but understood the power of Jesus name and now believe in Him as the Messiah. I got prayer and it eventually went away. It did happen a couple times since the prayer but on the most part it’s gone thank God!

  4. In my last comment I just heard the first 15 minutes of this. Now having heard the whole video, I agree 100% with the content. I say this openly as a mental health professional and yes, the way things are done has to change. I'm going to use this research to back up my plan. Thank you ❤

  5. This is very important work needed to take proper care of vets. I think that last DSM addressed NDEs and said that they shouldn't be taken as mental illness, but should be considered valid experiences for the given patient. Even a brief mention of my NDE to a third party was held against me in divorce court in the 90s, so I understand why active duty military are hesitant to talk about their experiences.

  6. As a mental health professional, I totally agree with what you say in the first 15 minutes. I work in the mainstream mental health services, and I have my own company that integrates science and mysticism. I AM what I AM in both circumstances. I get excited for people who have been visited by deceased relatives and / or Beings of Light. I get excited, because I have had such visits and they have enhanced my quality of life. When my colleagues in the mainstream MH services response is to prescribe medication, it saddens me that they don't know what is happening. That's why I set up my own independent service. Having said that my colleagues in the mainstream MH service are compassionate and good people, and they do refer people to me. They accept that I am "different", yet still effective. I haven't had an nde, but two of my beloved friends have, and I have no doubt that they are awesomely for real

  7. It's somewhat frustrating that some people are seemingly getting in the way of humanity efficiently achieving the best understanding of experiences such as ndes, obes, etc.

    Properly understanding such phenomena could have a potentially unprecedented positive affect on us and nature.

  8. It was interesting enough but shocking in how extremely old fashioned US psychiatry seems to be. I guess git to keep pumping people full of toxic pills.. keep hving to make money out of what is essentially hogwash..there is nothing scientific about psychiatry.. it destroys far more lives ythan it helps.

  9. Experiencing hallucinations can sometimes be a sign of mental illness or a mental problem of some kind but maybe not always. For example people with schizophrenia can sometimes experience hallucinations. Sometimes even normally mentally healthy people can experience hallucinations when they are suffering some kind of mental stress or take certain kinds of hallucinogenic drugs etc. Maybe even lack of oxygen to the brain can cause them as well. People who are fighting in a war are often under great stress especially when they are confronting the enemy. Too much stress = possible hallucinations.

  10. When considering evidence one way or another, I've heard a few things – whether discussions of Oliver Sax's Charles Bonnet Syndrome or even recently with Sam Harris discussing DMT and bringing up the issue that if your mind can reliably people your dreams with autonomous agents then its interesting (maybe for different reasons – rare to hit that mechanism) rather than being surprising beyond the realm of what we already consider human biology to be capable of. Those kinds of things IMHO could be 'both and' elements which makes filtering these things challenging.

    I think some of the stronger evidences for these experiences, aside from NDE's bridging veridical information that couldn't have been obtained by other means, are things like spherical 360 vision, perceptual processes that we aren't biologically evolved for and clearly don't experience even in dreams. OTOH I tend to be more skeptical of specific content and as far as spirits go – I still don't know that we have any clue what it is we're interacting with, it's autonomously real for sure but at base level – a bit like Tom Campbell's claims about databases or the individuality of many of the experiences – it's really difficult to want to take the contents on strict face value unless someone'd out of body in a physical place, past that they're in something else too deeply to triangulate, untangle, or vet specifics on other than perhaps the idea that Donald Hoffman might be right about the universe as a social network of conscious agents or Stephen Wolfram's hypergraph describing what's essentially a mental structure.

  11. There is a ex nurse that started looking at nde's when she served in Vietnam and said her experience with the military was that they didn't even want to deal with soldiers that had nde's because it may make them not want to fight again after they experience so much love and not want to kill anymore thats what this world has to deal with are godless people that only care about one thing and thats killing other's so you know they couldn't care less about our soldiers.

  12. An interesting group to research around this issue. Even if these phenomena are "only" related to our body's psychological, electrical and chemical responses to the extreme stress of being near death, or "clinically" dead, why do we not accept them as a real phenomena that we can benefit from incorporating positively into our daily lives, just as we are taught to do by psychiatrists and psychologists with every other life experience? Experiences which, I hasten to add, are also perceptual and subjective in nature.

  13. I'm glad but very surprised that the US Department of Defense funded a study about near-death experiences among combat veterans. Is the research study findings/report available online, if so where? Thanks!

  14. Wow! That is extremely surprising! "The study employed a fifteen-page questionnaire (combat veterans) and an eight-page questionnaire (clinicians); 38% of the overall vet sample, and 49% of those who had almost died, described experiences meeting Greyson’s NDE Scale criteria."