Near-Death Experiencer Panel

Near-Death Experiencer Panel

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In this captivating video, three people share aspects of their near-death experiences.

“I will present my own NDE experience, where I spent one month in a coma while recovering from the Necrotizing Fasciitis (aka Flesh-eating Bacteria) and use my own experiences, along with other case studies and research to support alternative perspectives of time, which challenge the dominant, Western conception of time as linear. I will include research undertaken while completing my MA in Jungian Psychology, which examines the state of timelessness and non-ordinary reality as accessed through dreams, trauma, and near death experiences. I will also therapeutic value of the experience of timelessness, oneness, and feminist approach to therapy, which emphasizes qualities of receptivity, being, acceptance and a state of not-knowing. I will also examine traditional and Indigenous beliefs and ceremonies that provide both direct experience and a framework for understanding NDEs. Furthermore, I will discuss my own journey and path towards healing, which honors intuition, dreams, and returning to one’s own internal rhythm.”

Nancy Grignon will be sharing some of her ongoing spiritually transformative experiences that include her near-death at the age of 18 and the life changing 4 hours of missing time that taught her more about the “truth of who she is” this lifetime. After her near-death she began to have numerous interactions with the divine. Whether she found herself floating out to the edges of infinity as a young child or receiving clear spiritual guidance, Nancy’s life has been continuously molded and transformed by the Source of Creation. Nancy brings messages of hope and light to people. She also receives divinely inspired information to help people find their calling and divine path this lifetime. She currently works as an intuitive life coach.

“At the age of 15 I rode a bike to a pickup football game with friends, with no helmet. I got to the game safe and played football with friends. Four days later I woke up from a coma. A friend’s tackle gave me a traumatic brain injury. I went from being a bully to lover. I went from being a content sloth, to taking action in life.”

Video Source: 2017 IANDS Conference

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  1. To Jospeh Miyaki saying “we need to give to people who perpetuate wars and violence and oppression what they want” Joseph they are power addicts and are very lost in their egos and their deranged thought patterns and traumatized. They aren’t perpetuating war because they need something material or more man power: they need to remember who they really are and then the healing and peace will exponentially increase and resonate in the physical. And it has to happen from the bottom up, “trickle down policy and economics” was always a white washed lie and always will be

  2. My youngest brother Manan Mipun only 29 physically expired from this realm of covid and cardiac arrests recently and left his body to enter the other realm to stay in the other realm alive, when I die 100 years later I would meet him again

  3. Of all the speakers I so enjoyed Nancy. I have had a few occasions of missing times and I’ve tried and tried to recall them with no luck. My last one happened while I was on a walk but since that time I’ve became so much more awoken. All that Nancy said resonates with me completely.

  4. First two speakers stories are uplifitng and they exemplify courage in extreme duress but really do not- to me- indicates NDE
    The lost of bloodflow to brain and flat EKG/ EEG are where those of us who want to know (not just believe) this is a true metaphysical phenomena need to dial in
    We all dream we all can cert have very lucid dreams and under strong meds can still dream
    We should take these other encounters and while noting the courage and possible precognition or similar paranormal traits are not classic NDEs

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    The “bad news” if we are unsuccessful we will be recycled both as a species with in the universe and as a soul in spirit realms.
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  6. I died instead i met God was in heaven only this People can understand i was in a loveful place it Change me i accept i m a drug addict God forgive all My childhood i ha&en t mom overdosed i wàs raped liv3 in Street and have before shadow People paralasis fourth time was devil he say how i ll die i laugh no need le i was 16at26a no clean needle with hot of july make explode my royten veins for a bacteria i did not knew but was my pubic vein i always use that so while heroin take me alive all stopped fever i had Blood all over my legs i died alone but this ligth Said Earth need me at the end i dream armageddon from childhood i m a levi

  7. I don’t think I necessarily believe Nacy, the older women with white hair. Just because I’ve seen some claimed “mediums” that are just so so so good at lying and creating false hope… and they were eventually proven to be completely lying and fake. And then I think, well dang, they were SO good at lying it’s almost unbelievable. And the length they took it to. I would personally have to see her medical records signed by a legit doctor saying her heart stopped. I completely believe the other two. Hers just made me get a check in my spirit that she wasn’t telling the truth. I don’t know.

  8. Jesus said to test every spirit because Satan masquerades as the light. I wonder if these people claiming these experiences are asking "Did Jesus already come in the flesh through a virgin birth, die on a cross, and was resurrected on the 3rd day". If they answer yes then you know they are in the presence of God, if they say no then they are lying and deceiving spirits. Many are saying there is no judgement, no hell, etc., That is a complete lie according to what Jesus said in the Bible. People need to be very careful here so that they are not deceived.

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you IANDS for providing this platform. I have no doubt that the light has gone on for many people who have had an opportunity to view these videos.

  10. SERIOUSLY? Quoting from Deepak Chopra is like quoting from a complete fraud. All he has done is recycle teachings from other spiritual leaders and slapped lipstuck on that and acts like they are something he came up witb, making millions off of delusional followers of his "but not really" work.

  11. I've been very interested in reviewing the NDE material. Fascinated.
    I had went to the theater years ago as a child with my mother to see beyond and back.
    Youtube has made so much information available.

  12. "Near death" is a funny term. It is more like a "nearer to knowing or remembering experience" that expands the awareness of the fullness of what we actually are – with or with out the body. All events including the seemingly apparent unwanted experiences of what we call war or illness both are and are not – about the superflous appearance and experience of pain. All events are intentional. It does not feel so loving to bear the unbearable and it certainly does not feel like anyone would choose to do so in their right mind…because they wouldn't. How else to experience such without amnesia? This beingness has no need at all and is forever perfection playing at experience through self imposed amnesia – to this end.
    I am so glad to know that all pain and drama is destined to cathartic release provided within the pure joy of remembering.