Near Death Experiencer Creates The First & Largest NDE Facebook Page!

Near Death Experiencer Creates The First & Largest NDE Facebook Page!

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  1. It would be great if aliens would straight humans out, but since the Divine rules everything he figure humans can't handle it. I image alien's laughing at how some humans are as dumb as rocks, LOL. I think if everyone asked people they know if they saw space ships etc., you be surprised how many people have seen alien stuff.

  2. yes, i can indeed relate altho i cant quiet remember its like something right there on the edge of my brain trying to recall what it is – hard to explain and cant quiet put my finger oin it. but my grandma would always tell me how she felt so sorry for me and how she cried watching me as a really tiny baby just months old with pneumonia and my fever was so high they had me in the hospital packed in ice to try and bring it down for fear of it damaging my brain. but something about that experience keeps coming back but i cant get there – im blocked, hmmm

  3. Everyone has intuition, inner guidance. Some are more in tune with it than others. As the soul becomes aware, intuitive guidance comes more into play. Intuition is the yellow brick road to insight and wisdom.

    Events serve as catalysts to orient and guide the soul to truth, to enlightenment.

  4. Another wonderful guest! And another wonderful interview! I always smile when the guesses, oh that's a great question! It's so helpful to so many that information regarding ndes, UFO and psychic experiences are brought into the light for the General Public! So many people have experiences and need to be validated for those experiences. Thank you

  5. The "Fear" that this planet was left with from so many wars is being lifted (the veil) & as loving beings we are waking up. This is the reason we are having more protests around racism; discrimination & judgement. A shift in consciousness & ALL will be revealed.

  6. NDEs saved my life as well, also I didnt hear about them till I was in my 20's. I was searching I felt like I didnt belong anywhere in life. Very similar to what you were saying Ned. Also im a member of your facebook group. Loving hearing peoples experiences.

  7. I have always ben skeptical of religion and spiritual teachings. People telling their NDE stories has helped me believe in messages from people like Eckhart Tolle, Buddhism, Hinduism and other mystics and find the truth. I think the NDE validates certain accounts of spirituality about consciousness and truth of reality. Religion is manmade dogma.

  8. When I was younger I had this strange feeling like this wasn't real and it scared me very badly. I actually said to my mom, do you feel like this is not a real place? I was 7 and I went into her room at like 1 in the morning asking her these questions. Unfortunately she was angry at me for waking her up lol. But I've always known. I feel that he knows too.