Near Death Experience: “We Create Our Existence with our Thoughts” | Ellen Whealton NDE

Near Death Experience: “We Create Our Existence with our Thoughts” | Ellen Whealton NDE

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Near Death Experience: “We Produce Our Existence with our Feelings” | Ellen Whealton NDE

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This is Aspect 1 of my job interview with Ellen Whealton about her near death experience!


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  1. I found this channel when I was questioning everything. I grew up Southern Baptist and was involved in church up until the age of 15. This channel has answered so many of my questions and reaffirmed my personal beliefs that I have had . The messages are clear . How we treat others is how we treat G-D , we are all apart of G-D and the sooner we realize this and act accordingly, the sooner we have repentance. Thank you Mel for this channel and the love it sends out to the world.

  2. The MOST AWESOME NDE EVER in the history of the world was this guy..and he wasn’t upper class and white or anything, he was just a plain regular guy dark of skin, I think he was just a carpenter so not rich or upper class by any means. And actually I am not sure it was technically an NDE since he was “out” quite a long time. And this guy really really really believed that he could create reality with his mind. In a way he went even beyond that he said he could create ALL reality with his mind…I mean can you imagine that. Creating everything that ever was and ever is and whatever will be. Anyway if you are really interested in this super NDE you can research it and see what you think. It would be neat if every one of us could discover what is true like one person posted something about math and I think you know that kind of makes math is the SAME for everyone everywhere every time.

  3. Ladies…if I really created with my mind wouldn’t I be younger and better lookin and taller with better hair?
    Let’s try this…let’s not buy any more food…let’s not eat for a week…let’s get real hungry…THEN…let’s Try and create…a cracker…just one
    Once REALITY has set in…please respond back to me and I promise I will clear up all confusion

  4. At 3:26 Ellen says that crossing a river is part of traditional Japanese near death experience symbolism. We have this symbol in Middle Eastern / European tradition also! The ancient Greeks expected to cross the river Styx into the land of the dead and people around the Mediterranean placed coins on the eyes of dead people so that they can pay the ferryman.

  5. I’ve been trying to create my life with positive thoughts and it’s been a very dismal outcome. God is going to put you through whatever he wants and all you can do is beg or lie to yourself with positive thoughts as much as you want but God doesn’t care what you want. That’s why God lets children starve to death every day. But hey, just think positive while you’re suffering because God obviously loves you, that’s why he’s torturing millions of children as you read this.

  6. I had an experience when I was younger and it was similar but in that experience there was a feeling towards the animals and even the plants. To treat all three with unfathomable respect and kindness.
    Has anybody else felt this way towards the animals and plant life?

  7. Well I've heard the Buddha was seen I hell too , one lady said she went to hell for being a Mormon, another said she died as a Mormon and encountered gold plated roads with Joseph Smith, I don't believen a hell , I never would . Don't believe an evil God. No matter how we look at hell God would be worse than Satan if hell existed

  8. I have 2 comments on the video 1) what she experiences with music during her was visually as colored blocks..I have heard that before in another NDE story and it is remarkable to me because I have experienced music as colored blocks during a trip on Mexican mushrooms that I grew myself. And I could also play with these colored blocks.
    2) she mentioned the fat-bellied Buddha but that is not the Buddha but a Chinese monk.

  9. Regarding the title of this podcast:
    "We Create Our Existence with our Thoughts".
    Rather it is more accurate and less misleading and likely to create delusions of grandeur to say: "We Co-Create Our Existence With Our Thoughts and with God (Elohim, the Trinity) and Their Thoughts."

    Think of it this way. In Computer Graphics (CG) any scene is built of LAYERS. Each component is created in its own file and layered on top of what has been created beforehand.
    Now realize that the basic structure of all we perceived has been created by The Original Creator, God, actually "Elohim" which is plural, Original Trinity. We did not create those basic structures of our Reality.

    We do, however, as growing children of God gifted with a small measure of creative power and ability, as befits our very young stage of growth, have some creative input into the whole picture. We also have a very limited range of what we can affect by our thoughts and desires, lest we knock the planets out of their orbits, for example.

    So it is important not to make overly-simplified statements to ourselves or others about our own imagined omnipotence, as far too many do. We as humans are not omnipotent. God in His Wisdom does not bestow upon us that degree of power. The Divine would not do that, no more than any sane parent would place their four-year old in the driver's seat of a running car in drive.

    In fact God Himself limits His own omnipotent power by creating free-will independent beings who possess some creative power and independent will of their own.

  10. Dear Bob Jones, Right, Exactly! "Whatsoever you do to the least of theses My Brethren, you do to Me." – Jesus Christ
    And as the oldest and spatially largest of the brethren, Who contains us all and Who consciously indwells everyone and everything in Creation, His Mystical Body, He is intimately aware of and feels everything everyone experiences, as does our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. These three are consciously omnipresent and indwell everyone though They stay inactive, quiescent Witnesses within everyone who does not invite Them to indwell them and interact with them. With those that do invite Them in to interact, They can express powerfully and lovingly to transform us and teach us, to lead and guide us in everything. The Trinity hurts when Their children are hurt. They feel it, too. So for Them it's not just conceptual as it is for s humans. It's happening to Them, to parts of Their own bodies.
    This is one of the reasons God does not permit beings to be tortured in the various hells eternally. God is not a sado-masochist. All that is hurtful, harmful must be purified back into Essence, Awareness of Being unexpressed, unmanifest. This is accomplished by Holy Fire, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, not to be confused with hellfire.

  11. Command your existence! I constantly manifest my way through life. I am creates, what I am commanding. Accessing the high tower of the mind on the highest mountain of perception and perfection. I throw myself to the streets of this world… Flowing with pure love in motion, I am guided by the power of accomplishment. I am lifted, protected and loved. Gods will be done through my vessel.

  12. I'm supposing this is also why people do those positive affirmations because if thoughts have this much power then that would be a good tool to get going in positive direction. I've always been positive pretty much most of my life just naturally…but I see so many people give up so easily as soon as one little thing doesn't go the way they want…I'm like sheesh people lift yourself and get better,do better,that's what I tell myself. I thought many people thought this way but they don't. My husband is totally opposite of me and is more of a pessimist and i can see its from him wanting to control every little thing around and it's just not possible so to be mad at that seems dumb to me lol he can't let go of this fake control he thinks he has.

  13. Loving this channel, only just latching on to it, I find it fascinating the things this lady talks about. Specifically the detachment of negative people in our lives. I was in a particularly bad relationship during covid and before, lots of narcissistic tendencies and emotional manipulation and bullied toward the end, I called off the relationship in early November and with in two weeks, my ex, she had slightly come back and we talked about rekindling things. One day, she gave me an ultimatum of sorts, and asked me to get back with her, I was a little broken and weak and was about to just give in and say yes.

    But something happened in that instant, something that from that point has walked me on to this spiritual path I'm on,
    Just as I was about to agree to give it another go.
    An unfamiliar yet weirdly familiar all,at once, voice came to me, loud as a trumpet in my mind, it yelled at me, no, do not go back with her, if you do, you can never become the person you are meant to be. It shook me a little.
    That voice, my guide, Angel's, the Devine, what ever it was, saved me, as I'd lost who I was in that relationship.
    And you know what, I am truely thankfull for being broken and being put through what I did, I am thankful to her, for she putting me through all that was the empitus to where I am now.
    All though some days I get vexed at what I went through, sneaky little memories creep up and it's hard not to despise her, I have to turn that around to a positive so I dont feel that dence awful energy. It's not for me, and it's not mine. Even though I feel that writting about this is slightly giving power to the negative things I went through. I shall overcome it.
    Its wonderful to hear people such as this lady validating things I had an inkling about, such as the universe and it's way of helping us and separating us from the negative forces in our lives

    Love it

    Also wondering what the tiger and elephant symbolism is all about