Near Death Experience: Upstairs

Near Death Experience: Upstairs

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Lesley Lupo experienced a near-death experience when she was operate in excess of by horses at a dude ranch. She had been an atheist at the time, and this NDE thoroughly altered the way she was dwelling. Lesley shares some very eye-opening points, like that she popped out of her body before the incident, how she seemed at her important body struggling to endure with a sense of tranquility and how she returned to her body with a new perception of goal, observational unconditional love.

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  1. Ohhh, the book !.. alot people writing books about nde s out there. This makes it harder for me to believe in her account. The book, the career, the public attention, hmmmm.

    Just finished hearing her account. I find her believable !!

  2. Blavatsky says the "higher" you go in the astral the more keener your perceptions become to the point that you can see all things at once when looking at an object (inside, outside, front, back) and this is perhaps what she meant by seeing the trees that were translucent.