Near Death Experience: The Real Reason We Experience Hardships | Lhamo Near Death Experience Part 2

Near Death Experience: The Real Reason We Experience Hardships | Lhamo Near Death Experience Part 2

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Near Death Experience: The Authentic Explanation We Experience Hardships | Lhamo Near Death Experience Aspect 2

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This is Aspect 2 of my interview with Lhamo about her near death experience!
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  1. I been in Dantes part of hell. God rescued me and a Christian women lives above me. Dear Jesus you are so blessed by helping us. So holy and hounest.

    Thank you for still beeing here repairing myself and helping others.


    Jesus is king. God is marvelous.

  2. Lhamo said some good things. We are not in this World by mistake, being here serves a purpose, and God is aware of our being here.

    An example of what we can learn, unconditional love is better than conditional love. We can recognize the difference, and embrace unconditional love.

  3. I was trying (but failed) to find an absolutely hilarious article a friend of mine wrote in a national newspaper about a woman who ran over his foot in an SUV when he was a theatre car park attendant. She knew she had done it but she drove off without a word. He took a painful episode and turned it into something so brilliantly funny that the features editor contacted him personally to congratulate him and to express the hope that he would write more articles for them in the future.

  4. Are we finished and perfect or learning and developing? Yes! God (Whatever word) is everything, so cannot see him/her/itself. So it comes up with a brilliant plan. "I will beget a Son, God, so I will see myself in Him and know myself." God cannot create a Son. God is God in his own right, so the Son has to be God in his own right too. So it creates a remarkable system where everything is apparently multiple and polarized, and limited would you believe, and sparks of consciousness can forget that they are infinite, and make choices. They can't create anything, but they can choose. It is their right. It is enough. If they choose good, God deems that they have created it, for they made the choice. So enough people choosing over a long enough period, and wham! There is the Son. And we are in it, and we are it. And the same question can be asked of the Son. Is it finished and perfect or is it learning and developing? Yes! The Son is not in linear time. All times are now. So at the end of the age, the Son is complete and perfect. Therefore it is complete and perfect now.

  5. thank you for this interview and Q and A. Lhamo I love you. I so wish that you were my neighbor so we could chat at anytime we wanted. My outlook on life is the same as yours. I didn't have an NDE but I had a spiritually transformative experience. this is one of the best thanks. enjoy your journey.

  6. Not to confuse Agape Love (God's Love) with Phileo love (Fleshy love) … Agape Love can only be displayed through and by the Holy Spirit in total obedience to God's Word . When all malice , strife , envy , Backbiting , ect is takn outa the way , then and only then does the Holy Spirit have free access into one's heart , So when someone does step on your toes , sovereign grace takes its place for the situation… Remember little Lambs of God , FORGIVENESS is the KEY that opens the door AT THAT MOMENT for AGAPAO LOVE too operate in your lives …Forgiveness & Love are sisters .

  7. Easier said than done – sending out love to those who willingly and very intentionally hurt you in many ways. Should we send love to Adolf Hitler for example? My heart isn't big enough for that.

  8. “I had a vision……well, it was a dream”. Okay. That’s called a lucid dream, actively partaking in it. Done that from time to time. But its rather like she gave away her game here, “I had a vision”.

    I believe a fair number of folks have had some real experience of NDE (I saw a ghost ince—seen by another, discussed after, neither said anything or thought the other had seen it when we did, and don’t blame all those who you can tell don’t believe we did, so…), but halfway in on this one (I did not see part 1 to be fair) its feeling less than authentic, at least owing to her description of it being so overwhelming across the veil that everyone is lining up to come back to this beautiful paradise turned sh@thole by all those same souls.

  9. I think most of us can deal with the odd foot stomp—its the rape, murder, child abuse and sociopath overlords who long ago rigged the world and peddle misery and ‘a fix’ vs. a medical cure while making sure via our diet, air and water we all end up with a low quality of life for years before we die earlier than we otherwise ought, and all without so much as a primer (or at least without having any memory of what we ought to do) that seems just a screw job.

    I honestly cannot imagine a scenario where I die, go to a paradise and don’t tell whichever ‘guide’ to hit the bricks, are you nNUTS, of course I don’t want to return decades or ahundred years later to a Bladerunner 2049 hellscape, but hey…

  10. Perfect, I knew that this is true. Every hellish nde ends when there is something loving envolved or like a call to Jesus/God.
    The bible says perfect love casts out fear. I know out of my short experiences with anxiety that in the present of love it can not exist.
    Also the bible says, god is love and who loves abides in him…

  11. The difference is, in the physical plane we experience linear time in one direction – past present and future and we have forgotten who we are. That’s the game in play. However, as you progress or become more expanded in the physical you will experience time less linearly, so moments will appear less fixed and more simultaneous. The so called Mandela Effect is an example of this, where more of us can experience converging of simultaneous time lines. Moments become more synchronized, more meaningful. The hardships are there are as markers, they aren’t necessary but appear to show we are ‘sinning’ which literally means ‘missing the mark’. We aren’t using the energy and tools provided in the correct way. When we look inwards for answers and remove judgement from what we perceive, life will flow. Look at the lyrics to the nursery rhyme Row Your Boat – the answer is there.

  12. I’m curious as to how much of this she learned from being (or beings) on the other side vs through reading and studying since her NDE. Also what are her spiritual beliefs and practices? These discussions don’t feel quite complete without knowing the person’s before and after spiritual status. Otherwise, the interviews are great and very professionally done! Thank you!

  13. yes if you're spiritual living in a thought based world and didn't have control of thoughts/emotions/fears it could create a hellish or unpleasant experience, for some beings coming to earth could be a respite from that and a chance to experience and integrate things linearly, then back in thought worlds instant manifestation, you can have a nicer time

  14. I highly enjoy this second part of interview with this lovely lady. The first part also but this one touched me particularly and I'll get back to listening to it since it was really deep and helpful. Thank you Lhamo and thank you Melissa.