Near-Death Experience: The Light After Tunnel Felt Warm, Comforting & Loving

Near-Death Experience: The Light After Tunnel Felt Warm, Comforting & Loving

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Afterlife Television: In this week’s bite-sized episode, our audience member, Kelly, shares with us her amazing near-death experience. Melissa is once again in studio with me and we explore how quite a few of the specifics of Kelly’s experience are hallmarks of what I would connect with a “textbook” near-death experience (and why I like that). Kelly describes the heat, comforting, loving light at the close of the tunnel and how she was greeted by loved ones.

We also go over that even though there are several frequent particulars among the near-death experiences, some NDEs vary because of to motives we’ll describe. And we speak about the just one everyday living-shifting end result uncovered in practically all near-death experiences, which if it have been the only final result it would continue to be remarkable.

As always, we appreciate your comments and if you have experienced your own near-death experience, share your tale with us (hyperlink in the Clearly show Notes). Considering that I’ve been sharing opinions of my new reserve, The Magic Mala, be guaranteed to add your assessment on Amazon if you have go through the ebook (url underneath). As often, all photos on movie are courtesy of my wife, Melissa. Unfold the love! Bob Olson –

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  1. don't understand why their are still so many skeptics out there. If you look at life its way to complex to not have a creator, to say boom, birth than death, after death its complete non-existence.

  2. hi Bob, another great story! i had a question that i forgot to ask you a couple years back when i purchased your other book for my uncle the private eye :)… and that question is: after we pass, we are aware of our last life lived here on earth, but what about all the other lives we may have lived like in reincarnation? …so in other words, when its my time to leave will i remember all the other lives of Chrisiden? 🙂 i know it sounds silly, but i laughed at myself today thinking about this as many people in the spirit world could have been written up in our history books centuries ago and more recent… maybe you and i were once a king or even a slave… anyways, keep smiling and enjoy your life: since we all live on forever after! 🙂

  3. Hi Bob, one of the highlights of your older shows was seeing you on camera. It was such a joy, specially when you laughted. I'm sure I am not the only one who missed that. Any chance of you making a "comeback"?????