Near Death Experience: Swept Away in Silence

Near Death Experience: Swept Away in Silence

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David Bennett has had some extremely distinctive experiences in his existence, which includes a around-dearth experience (NDE) in his late 20s when he drowned in the course of his time as the Chief Engineer of the ocean research vessel Aloha, a spiritually transformative experience (STE) eleven several years later on and then an additional NDE quite a few years later when his spine collapsed due to most cancers! Just one after the other, these experiences remodeled him in a lot of strategies. Listen to his story and acquire some incredible messages of healing and hope, but buckle up due to the fact it is very a rocky voyage!

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  1. Another GREAT episode Julie. Imagine all the folks out there who has had an NDE and hasn't come forward to share their experience. (It's ok if they don't.) As of 2020, there is reported over 10+ million NDE's in the US alone. Worldwide? God only knows. (Pun intended) The best NDE's are on private channels like yours Julie. Real, raw, straight forward NDE's that I/we can relate too. I love it. Keeping it real! Thanks David and Julie.

  2. As soon as David started talking, I was blown away. I felt there was a message in his words that I needed to hear. Now that I've re-watched the interview a couple more times, I "know" his spiritual experiences will help me on the particular path I'm on at this present time, and how it will prepare me for the path ahead of me. I drew so much comfort from you both. Thank you, David, for sharing your wonderful story, and thank you, Julie, for another amazing interview. xx

  3. ❤ The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul!

    My mother’s eyes were like brilliant flashlights shining Pure Unconditional Love out from them every now and again over the last week of her life.

    Thank you David, and Julie for hosting this.

    I am curious, David, and maybe you elaborate more in your book, what was the connection with your mom.. on the metaphysical level as well as the physical?, why was your childhood so rough going from family to family the way it was?, what have the people from your past thought of your experience and insights?,….

    I always had a feeling that we all, each and every one of us, have a core inside of us, a spark of Divine Love which expands and grows any time we or anyone recognizes its presence. In college I discovered metaphysics, and was immediately at home at last. I so appreciate the work that you and others at IANDS and others in different ways are all helping bring awareness though the stories of individuals about our connection with the Divine Loving Essence of Life.

    I love your description of the Palm trees aura. It seems to me that every aspect of this planet, animate and inanimate, are all in some way “alive/conscious” and the greatest thing we can do for everything is appreciate them and their role they play in completing the world we are living and growing wiser in.

    Blessings and Love!