Near Death Experience: She Was Surrounded by Molecules of Golden Light | Lhamo Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: She Was Surrounded by Molecules of Golden Light | Lhamo Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experience: She Was Surrounded by Molecules of Golden Light | Lhamo Near Death Experience

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This is Aspect 1 of my job interview with Lhamo about her near death experience!


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  1. I am wondering if I commit suicide will I be able to experience this? I can't really take much more on this side, and have been having a lot of suicidal idealizations as of late. I don't feel like being homeless and stuck outside in the cold and the heat with no way out.

  2. I am so thankful and happy that someone else has been able to try to describe and put into words what I feel like my soul knows- I’ve recently experienced sensations as memories have poured in while alone …. I want to share what I got from this indescribable experience- it’s begun when I started thinking about my beautiful 4 children…. Oh, it’s amazing!!!! God bless us all- thank you for a wonderful description and ur genuine testimony of what I know to b true— xoxo

  3. Sree Krisha iterated so many times that love makes anything possible. I thought the directors and producers of Radha Krishna series exaggerated Sree Krishna’s message but something tells me that’s not true. Love truly makes anything possible.

  4. The world is totally ignorant of the Consciousness Live outside of the Body. The Formless exist before, outside of the Form. Only a few who naturally is not BOUNDED by the body can obtain the truth OUTSIDE of the vessel while they are still "ALIVE". Most does NOT know there is no DEATH but trans-Formation.

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU. I didn't see the part two posted in the description. Maybe there isn't one? I thought there was one mentioned. But anyway, BUT THANK YOU for this. It lifts so many up!!