Near Death Experience Or Trick Of The Devil? | NDE

Near Death Experience Or Trick Of The Devil? | NDE

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Have you at any time had a near death experience (NDE) or encountered an angel? If so remember to mail your story of the afterlife to us by way of electronic mail, we would love to listen to it.

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  1. Sounds like the force from star wars. This is very Hindu/Buddist and not at all what what scripture says. I may not know how to spell Buddha Buddhism correctly, but I still know what the truth is. I have nothing against Eastern philosophy and I find wisdom in Buddha's words. But not salvation.

  2. Plenty of so called NDE's are demonic trickery, especially ones with "guides" and "ascended masters". Its a trick to remove Christ from the equation and to uphold new age bull****.

  3. Yes, a trick of Satan, especially that BS about the big bang and how the universe started itself. Satan in rare form for sure. That other place you were in was outer darkness, the outskirts of hell. It's where people go that aren't evil, they just don't know Jesus. This place is located deep in the earth. This is why you felt as if you were deep inside something.

  4. Até os 7 anos de idade à criança ainda está se encaixando no novo corpo e é natural que se recorde nitidamente de vários fatos em detalhes das suas últimas existências .
    Até os 1O de idade costuma passar (ou não) essas lembranças.
    Fica tudo gravado e bem arquivado no PERISPIRITO, arquivo onde estão armazenados todas às informações sobre suas encarnações anteriores, cada detalhe, cada por, menor minuciosamente guardado e bem arquivado na memória do espírito.
    Nada se perde.
    Depois de adultos temos rápidos flashes na memória do espírito.
    Fonte de pesquisa.








  5. Definitely a demonic counterfeit. This reeks of NON-JESUS. Creepy lady at end shows it's not Heaven.
    Don't be fooled by the "intelligence".
    Satan is very intelligent. I AM (YAWEH) and Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT are simple purity of omnipresent LOVE each with total personhood and yet omnipotent at same time.

  6. To understand how and why this NDE is a sophisticated demonic counterfeit read in Malachi Martin's book Hostage to the Devil the fifth chapter/real life case study entitled The Rooster and the Tortoise.

  7. Each experience is unique to each soul. God preexists religion. I think He tries to accommodate whatever beliefs give us peace and comfort. If any religion is correct, they all are in our limited perception.

  8. The Universe and God don’t need to create itself! The thought of time and creation are man’s alone! Simply accept this and all the Love!!! We are like God is the I am!!! It’s all NOW!!!

  9. Yeah. This reminds me very much of the New Age channeling rhetoric I have never trusted and know are lies. Its like THEY needed him to agree to whatever it was they were going to do without being truthful about what exactly he was agreeing to. Like having to invite a vampire in? Finally presenting him with the image of a deceased neighbor in a last ditch effort to win him over is just too obvious. Like they were desperately playing the last card they had. Very creepy! I don't think this had anything to do with God which leaves only very unpleasant alternatives unfortunately.

  10. Very sad to learn about the meaningless of exsistence besides the desire of the universe to experience itself. Makes me want to dissolute into nothingness in order to end it this eternal, torturing sad circle!

  11. Another unusual and interesting experience, it makes you realize how much there is to learn and experience, I can’t imagine getting it all in a single life time. I am really enjoying listening to these. By the way, you do a wonderful job reading these, and your video is perfect. Thank you yo all,
    and God bless.

  12. It sounds like this guy went straight to the origin of everything. He passed universe (the tunnel effect in high speed) until he reached the end where it became white (white heaven) and then fell to the bottom of the pit (the emptiness) where the bull unsuccessfully trying to lure him into deeper pit. He was lifted up again joined the rest of the source of the origin. He did not get to experience the multiple levels of heaven. Maybe that white milky place is the heaven but without anything being projected or formed into his perception. The part where he traveled through his own body is interesting. It reminds me of the movie called "Fantastic Voyage" but even smaller being since he became an atom of some sort. I can see why he wants to come back because he skipped heavens and went straight to the source.

  13. “They” “them” is a common them with these near out of body experience that try to lead non believer to hell, Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    DONT be deceived people, Jesus is the only way truth and life. No man shall enter unto the Father but by him because he is God. He didn’t feel at peace he didn’t feel happiness because God is all those things and without him of course there’s so much unhappiness