NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE of HOWARD STORM part 2 | Answering Your Questions!

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE of HOWARD STORM part 2 | Answering Your Questions!

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NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE of HOWARD STORM aspect 2 | Answering Your Concerns!

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  1. I love your videos.. but I do not agree with "the Church" stuff… I am against the church – I think its a human invention in order to control humans – I am not religious either… spiritual yes – so does that mean I do not go to heaven because I do not belong to any church!? when you mention Jesus I think it is because it comes from your Christian background and again we as humans do not have the right to impose other people our believes!! don't you think?

  2. So very inspiring! The talking of that spark that returns to God thrilled me the most. Reminds me of a catholic teacher I had in school. Then this hell doctrine was starting to kill my soul. But now I am back. Wonderful Channel! Wonderful Interview!

  3. So according to him one has to accept Jesus as his god and saviour or else he/she will be burnt in hell for eternity.
    A hindu who worships his own god for example Krishna, a Buddhist worships Buddha, sikh worships waheguru, will all be roasted in hell by the God of the bible for eternity …

    So it's like you are saying that Jesus meant to say 'accept me as your God and saviour or i will torture you in hell for eternity for not doing so.

    The same age old fear tactics of Christians. And then you also say God is loving. This is the love of the creator or millions of universes and galaxies ?

  4. If we can learn better in heaven then why do we have to come to this dredfull place, ive never felt that this place was any good at all ive never lived anywhere where i really liked this earth i just can't seem to really like this world no matter how hard i try.

  5. I've enjoyed many of the NDE videos on this channel, but I cannot finish this one. When someone says "I think this is what's going to happen, or I think this is what Jesus meant" then (to me) this is not Truth. Sorry. 🙂

  6. Only about half way through BUT if you can just know all while in heaven, what's the point of the earthly journey then? I have a few past life rememberings.. I highly doubt I'm some unusual case. I've also seen and spoken with Jesus.. I was given a different perspective by far.

  7. I’ll have to respectfully disagree with Howard. I strongly believe that “Hell” is a state of consciousness and the moment the soul chooses differently (the light) they are released from that experience. Free will. We must choose. I also strongly disagree that there’s any karmic suffering due to bad behavior. That’s a human/Church driven fear based philosophy that has no credence in the afterlife. Created by the church to control the behavior of people.

  8. His NDE experience actually feels true to me. I see a lot of videos of individuals claiming (or believing) to have had a near death experience, and although they seem sweet and kind, the energy/vibration of authenticity is missing. I believe that truth has a vibration, people can feel it only when they experience it. His story feels genuine to me.