Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Trapped Between Worlds | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Trapped Between Worlds | NDE

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Todays near death experience (NDE) comes from Penny who describes the horror of being caught concerning worlds before eventually …

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  1. Tgis one account has resonated with me so muc.
    Dear God,
    Let me feel your light as was felt by her. Let you light cleanse my soul and remove the hurt and pain and allow me to love everything and everyone again. Ameen.

  2. We all truly are more than we can imagine. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I pity those who believe only in physicality, as they are the walking dead by choice. We should/could be incredibly happy because we are here in school. What happens when we get out? We get to go Home!

  3. This made some sense . That's why Jesus commanded us to Love one Another, pray for those who persecute us. This is the TRUTH. Very Biblical indeed. Thank you for sharing this NDE . God bless you always! Actually, when start practicing these Love one another at home this will grow & be shared outside. It feels very light to just forgive people who judges us & angry at us.. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF..

  4. The only thing that doesn’t make me believe this story…is that the beginning was exactly like one that I heard before. The person that was telling the story said when she died that she was in the back seat of her sisters car and couldn’t figure out why her sister was wearing mismatched clothes and that she saw her sister (not her friend) post the same thing that this woman did in Facebook. I have been listening to these stories for year and never doubt ed them. I think that this person listened to a few NDE’s and combined them.

  5. Penny Wittbrodt she is a wonderful person she has overcome her fear of speaking out and sharing more of her story. I’m looking forward to reading the book she is writing. She has done some interviews with other YouTubers.