Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Shown Things To Come | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Shown Things To Come | NDE

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Present-day near death experience (NDE) will come from a lady who describes her death and encountering a lifestyle critique before currently being …

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  1. God layed down a few rules for mankind to follow and he gave a promise if mankind followed his laws he would give them all they needed. So what's the problem with people. Is it that very few people believe in God anymore? Could money be their God ? Fear God and love him at the same time.

  2. That was very profound and wonder what year this experience occurred as it seems to me the predictions about the governments fighting their own people is spot on and this certainly is the impression I am getting about the World Economic Forum etc putting into place a plan to try and control everybody in a technocracy.

  3. This NDE resonates as pure truth in my heart. We as a planet are ascending to higher states of frequency which is why we are experiencing the end of times as we've known it to be. This is great news!! BUT…there will be alot of turmoil throughout the process of Earths evolution which the old order will continuously crash in order for us to move into the Love Revolution ❤ All we can do individually and collectively is to STOP giving your power away to the Gov't that wants to maintain control over us for self gain for the ELITE

  4. January 6th? Oh when Trump was in office and we had a much better United States than we do now. And oh yes, look at the world tensions now! I can definitely see WW3 coming sooner or later. Interesting. I like this channel

  5. I've had similar dreams and visions..however I was shown a set apart people on a Hill in white robes looking up and He said "Those are my Gems".. the rest of the dreams showed chaos that has come to pass and is happening now..that dream was around same time 2015..

  6. The entire world is at a crossroad, not that we have much choice for change, coz we have made choices for thousands of years and they brought us right here and now and on the biblical timeline it was True Pentecost 8'th July and 17-21'st Peace & Security talks and 24'th September on doorstep, which means Great Tribulation is about to start…42 months ahead, with confusion, panic, extreme weather-events, wars spreading, economies crashing, food shortages and real famines, pestilences spreading and people going amok with more shootings, killings and mass murder…Read Johns Revelation and you'll know what's coming ! The anti-Christ is about to enter world stage, in his own name, but claiming his "divine" status, showing all goodwill at first, but then… New World Order, NWO, will be his vehicle of power and all who submit, will get on with their "lives" and those who don't, will get the choice or be put to death. Persecution will be on the daily schedule along with demons, fallen angels and inter-dimensional horrific creatures, that will make the hearts of men fail them with fear. I know its sounds fantastical, but all prophecies of the bible has come true and there is no reason, to believe that the rest will not come true as well, just look at the world and the down slope from here on, is as certified as our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, died on the cross and resurrected, conquering death for all who believe in Him <3
    The Christian church saints are about to be raptured, snatched up and away and the world will go on getting more and more weird, frightening and confusing, for the veil between dimension is torn and beings will transgress the borders, to our demise and if God our Father & Creator YHWH, had not shortened the time, there would be no flesh to save at the end…This will happen, whether you believe or not, however crazy you might think it is…Do Prepare ! Jesus Christ is the one and only Way, He is the Truth and the Life Eternal <3

  7. I am Catholic, I think she is talking about the great chastisement that God will send to man kind because of the evils being committed in the World. It was prophesied by various catholic mystics including at Fatima 1917 and Garabandal in the 60"s…

  8. The wealthy have controlled things for a very long time . It is only natural that control changes as you cannot manipulate 'Un-Balance' forever . Even the 'fossil-record' shows that Nothing is permanent . Nor can you 'bottle-neck' and Control the natural-evolution of Human-consciousness . Technology will also fall-away in the controlling-form we now experience . It is sad that people don't come together and share All that Humanity has . There is Plenty-to-go-around as they say . Greed and Power have much to answer-for . Interesting that she sees food as currency, this is how it always was , plus exchanging that for labour . Looking at Our World now, what a sorry-bunch of Morons we all are , with those 'At-the-Top' the most pathetic of all .

  9. It seems like this video was posted 7 days ago, if you follow world news you can see that already many countries are showing the early signs of what this video talked about. However, nothing is predestined, Pray for world peace everybody. We still have time.

  10. I have a theory that we are all living in our own realities and that people who die and God shows them what is to come, is based on their reality. As if billions of realities all live in the same plane of existence and will eventually merge into one at the very end.

  11. This is notwholly unrealistic. China is the world's manufacturer, banker, and has the biggest army. The US used to claim these titles. When China realizes we are not going, cannot pay their debt,,,,,this is what starts wars. This is not emotional blah-blah….this is the US defaulting on the biggest debt in world history.

  12. Looks like she was describing Rev.3:10 – "the time of trouble (testing) that will be coming to the world—a time that will test everyone living on earth"

    Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12). 'In Him was life, and the life was the light of men' (John 1:4).

  13. I really appreciate her willingness to share. Thank you for this moving content. "when all else fails, they take you to war", and that, I do believe, is what will happen as the us dollar loses world reserve currency status.

  14. I personally died twice at 2.5 years old in 1975 and at at 21 in 1994. I do believe that this person is the real deal. January 6, 2021 was a turning point. It is going to get worse before it gets better. I have been feeling it for some time. Somehow lately I've been drawn to many NDE stories because I believe during this chaos I will be killed bodily but I am not afraid of physical death. We all reincarnate so whatever timeline I return to or whatever life lesson I haven't learned yet here will require me to go back to another time to learn, not fix.

  15. The Bible says "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved" He is the only one who forgives us of our sins and cleanses us from unrighteousness, HE is the truly one and only GOD of this world that can save our mortal souls! Thank You Jesus!! AMEN!!