Near Death Experience: I Died And Met My Spirit Guide, Now I See Dead People | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Met My Spirit Guide, Now I See Dead People | NDE

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Have you ever had a near death experience (NDE), encountered an angel, or frequented the other facet ? If so please ship your tale of the afterlife to us by means of e mail, we would appreciate to listen to it.

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  1. This guy lives in a false sense of reality…. Towards the end he talks about making an agreement with himself because he is the only one who can truly ruin his day…. On a philosophical point… perhaps. In a realistic view NO… imagine walking down the street in an Orange hoodie then being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit because a bank was robbed by a guy in an orange hoodie… the cops think they have their man and nothing on gods green earth can sway them differently…. (I’ve been there) so screwed because I, as well as 40 other people who bought a crap $10 hoodie at Walmart can very easily have a bad, horrible and terrifying day due to no fault of my own….. these are fun to listen too and I hope some of this is real… but in the end they usually push some kind of agenda.

  2. With the information and knowledge gained from these NDEs comes a great sense of responsibility to help and share, but the truth is not everyone is ready to do that. Thank you to all those who shared and I hope you continue to post it. God bless.

  3. We must be cautious that, one persons NDE, does not clarify the laws of heaven for the viewers, and just because, he declares his view of the divine nature of Jesus, and then quotes a scripture , does not give him authority about “who Jesus is” and establish limits , of His divine power. In fact , from what I’ve read and heard from other NDE , is that , although many see the glory of Jesus and his power to forgive and they are in awe, some people are NOT allowed to get perfect clarity about His power, because our journey, requires our free will to seek truth, and everything is not “handed to them” even in death. We must choose within ourselves to accept Jesus as our savior, and surrender our will , and gain a quantum heart connection and reverence, Thru the sacrifice and death of our will and allowing His Will to fill us, each day. Which is SO hard to do.
    The scriptures say, One of the big illusions of this world, is to think “we are GOD” instead of being made by God , and this NDE is just a reflection of that persons perceptions and interpretation , but it’s not the authority and we have to compare what others say and what Jesus said to grasp the bigger picture

  4. I had a man who came to me in a dream and told me I would die in 6 years which would make me 70 years old. I will turn 66 in October. I knew ( or believe) that he was an angel. His eyes had a look of fire (Power) in them and he had brown hair. I believe the angel came to me and told me I would die because I am always praying and asking God to take me before my husband. The angel caught me as I was collapsing to the ground when I saw him. The angel caught me as I was falling to the ground and held my head gently in the palm of his hand so I would not hit my head on the ground. He said I had 6 years left. I said 5 years but he smiled and said 6 years to me again. He kissed me on my forehead between the eyes as he smiled at me and then he faded away as I woke up.
    God has shown me in dreams to warn other people to get ready because he was coming back for them soon. All of them has gone home to be with God except for one of them. He had me to tell them to get right and get baptized and he may give them more time. That person did what she was told and is alive to this day. She had cancer all over in her body including her brain that she had a lot of cancerous tumors in.I believe she said that she had six tumors just in her brain She would have surely died if she had not listened. She took the cancer treatmens but had TERRIBLE odds of beating the cancer. I know that it was Jesus that made her live through all of those treatmens for the cancers. I had to tell my own son as we was driving down a street that if he moved to Kentucky that he would be shot in the head between the eyes and die. He did not listen to me and he is dead too. God has shown me seven people would be diying before they died and all of them is dead now except for the one that did what she was told. One of the people that died God sent me to their house to ask them to repent and accept him as their savior because this was going to be their last call. I had spoken to that person many times about giving their life to Jesus but they had always said no before them. When I told them what God had said, he looked at me and said, " Does that mean I'm going to die"? I told him that I could only tell him what God said for me to tell him.
    God is Love and don't want anyone to die and go to hell.

  5. I can understand because l can see things, See visions and hear voices,, l saw Trump in front of a gravestone,the next day l hear his ex wife had died,,l see my family that has passed, l am 86 and my family thinks I am crazy,, l am happy living alone, I have a house full,,

  6. Your stories are amazing I will tell you mine very soon- I was a state trooper in the 1990s and was left to die on the side of the road. I will confirm – I did not want to come back and I spent the last 30 years reviewing thousands of NDEs to prove it’s all an imagination. To my surprise every thing is not only real –
    This life is but a dream . JB m.Ed

  7. I'm sooo grateful for this episode. It has confirmed that it's all already done. That the concept of free will is and has been misunderstood, as if to give people hope, and it can, but it's off, somehow. The blueprint is laid out. I know this from a natal chart reading at age 32, when the reading group assessed the chart and said, "You were 3 when your parents were divorced." It was right there on the chart. It's all already done in so many ways. I think it explains intuitive hunches and that feeling of being on the path that was laid out, or not, which is where free will can be entertained. These are my experiences and maybe they are yours? Hardly anyone ever nods in agreement….it's made me feel weird, but hey, it's what I know to be true.