Near Death Experience: I Died And Came Back With The Meaning Of Life | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Came Back With The Meaning Of Life | NDE

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A woman prays for God to give her a Near Death Experience (NDE) for the duration of a surgery and just after returning she is stunned when she is given the this means of daily life.

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  1. Boy, this earth plane is hard. But this is one the best videos on how the after effects with increased sensitivity, and understanding, that translates into practical action, in a way that is really able to touch someone else, at the deepest level.

  2. I dont have more doubts
    We are millenary Spirits
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos para continuar nossa evolução espiritual.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  3. I too had a NDE after my 3rd baby when I haemorrhaged and went into shock. I found myself way up high above the hospital bed. I was surrounded in light and love and peace. Looking down, I knew I was "dead". I could see my white face as I lay in the 3rd bed of a 4 bed ward. Nurses rushed about, sticking things into my arms. I heard running feet down the hospital corridor (found out later it was my doctor, who lived behind the hospital).Then a nurse came in, pulled a chair over to the side of the bed, took my hand in hers and lovingly stroked it. Then there was a "male presence" of Light next to me ( not Jesus, maybe my angel??) He spoke gently and lovingly into my mind: "But what about the children?" I had 3 little kids now under 3, (I was married at 16 and not yet 21 years of age!) I suddenly knew my husband could not look after them all, (he was working 7 days a week to provide for us all.) Sadly I KNEW I had to return to my body. As I opened my eyes, the doctor came, poking his head round the door. When he saw I was awake, huge smile on his face as he told me: "Oh you are back with us! We thought we had lost you. You have been OUT 3 days!"
    I couldn't believe it. It seemed I had been in Eternity.. just Love and Light and Peace, NO pain and NO time! I too felt very sad that I HAD to come back! (I actually went into a deep depression because I LONGED to be back in that "place")The next day the nurse came in who had held my hand as she sat next to the bed. I said" HELLO. I know you." She replied: "Oh no dear I was on night shift and you were VERY sick. You've never seen me before."
    I told her I HAD.. and described to her what I had seen her do. She grew pale with shock, and hurried out of the room. (After that, I was afraid to speak about it to anyone, in case they thought I had "gone nuts" and take my baby away from me.) A couple of months later, mum said something to me about having been a "very sick girl". I replied I KNEW that and told her all about it. She was a "well-read" lady and smiled at me as she told me happily: "Oh, you've had an "out of body" experience." I asked her what that was and she replied: "Sometimes when people are very sick and near to death, they go OUT of their body." I was completely re-assured. So I wasn't mad after all! Over the years I have heard lots of similar stories ( now called NDE).. but I KNOW "there is NO DEATH".. that we go to GOD and HIS LOVE when we leave this earth. I wanted SO badly to be BACK there with Him in His Loving Eternity/Heaven. But NOW I know that GOD is also HERE, everywhere, in THIS life. Years later, I was meditating and I saw Jesus coming towards me, His arms outstretched and with so much LOVE. I wanted to run to Him, touch Him, be held in His arms.. but He gently told me: "It is not yet time… endure a little longer." THIS turned my whole life upside down and I then KNEW God IS REAL, and He sent His Son Jesus to die for each one of us, simply because GOD IS LOVE! There is NO time with God. He loves each one of us, and WE have something we must learn while still here on this earth, in this life. We need to learn to LOVE HIM in return and learn to LOVE each other.. before we can BE with Him, as our true, spiritual selves. THAT is WHY we are here!

  4. What interests me most about her testimonial is how split her spiritual self from her physical self. Is this a product of our fearful, materialistic culture–religions included–or is that what she chose before she entered this life? In the Orthodox church, the goal is divinization the reconnection of spirit to flesh. Actually, that what 'religion' used to mean.

  5. I´ve never had an actual NDE that I could remember but probably I did when during a period of my life I convulsed and lost consciousness frequently or when I had ventricular tachycardia and lost consciousness being revived in an ER. What was left of these experiences, however, changed profoundly my perception of life. I became absolutely convinced that the purpose of life was TO LOVE. And the only real way of loving was by being of service to others alleviating their ailments, pain, and suffering – people, animals, plants, and trees. It was so compelling these experiences I changed my career and entered Med School. I became a doctor and the only reason I find that truly brings me joy and stamina is helping and being supportive of people, either a patient or not.

  6. Thank you for sharing!…The continuation of life is REAL..indeed. Nothing to fear and comforting to know, we will after crossing over, experience the Light and Love of Jesus…and our loved ones too.

  7. It is my belief that listening to these NDEs is reawakening a long dormant memory and longing for home, it is no wander that so many of us
    feel out of place here. I can understand why some return from these experiences with only partial memory of their experience, it’s difficult
    enough. Thank you to all who share their experience and especially to this channel. We are all going to make it back home, I have no doubt
    about it. Stay well and God bless!