Near Death Experience: Garden of Love

Near Death Experience: Garden of Love

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Philip Siracusa experienced an allergic response throughout a dental course of action and experienced a near-death experience in which he went Property (aka Heaven). He describes “the other side” in lovely, vivid depth. In sharing his experience, Philip provides hope to all with regards to what happens to us and to our loved ones just after bodily death.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and loving words/advise. I had a visitation which felt more like me visiting my friend who has passed when I was asleep, The nothing but love feeling is something I experienced too and understand how there really is a lack of words to describe it because that feeling doesn't exist here but is waiting for us all. All is one one is all

  2. Awesome interview, I feel this was a very important one. We are in a growing Age of Consciousness, and still many of us…even that have had experiences…still doubt. It's not real. It's just a dream. It's just hallucinations. Why is it so hard for us to believe? Thanks for sharing your experience and messages 🙂

  3. Friends of NDES. We are spirits living in a body we will never die . Of course our bodies die , but the souls of man NEVER DIES. That why we must accept Jesus as our saviour so we can live with him ETERNALY. God bless you all.

  4. I am only half way through and I know I've been there in a lucid dream this past summer. The colors. The light. The landscape. The love. The knowing I was home. I had a woman as well. No words were spoken but we talked a bit. She flew or floated or whatever it was with me over this beautiful landscape. Colors that don't exist on earth. And colors that do exist here but over there are so vibrant and alive feeling. Flowers and mountains and eventually buildings and pathways where people were walking. There's more to that experience, and I had several quite rapidly in June/July 2021 after my mother passed away. I feel changed. I know that I don't fear death. Earth is temporary and we all go home and it is a place I don't know why we ever choose to leave. I look forward to it without fear.

  5. Wonderful testimony. I keep wondering about something NDE in general: since the premise of the life review is how we effected others around us, I’m curious about any youngins that have had NDE’s and with the age of social media now. Such “influencers” whether “positive” or “negative” and if digital connections and influence show up in the life review. I’ve yet to hear anyone talk about this and hope to find out.

  6. It’s such a beautiful place…. I went there, cannot out into worlds the love, the unconditional love you feel. The connection with everything! The flowers, the sky, the pathway, the bench I sat on. Everything was me, I was everything, the connection was so surreal. Nothing can compare here. I was home! If ppl only knew, the wouldn’t sweat the small stuff here.

  7. I recognise the "housebuilding" scenario. I have certain dreams that are not dreams, they are vivid, I feel the breeze and I know to check to see where my body is. When I feel the bedclothes around me, I know this is one of those special ones. I often feel a bit odd on making after one. It was in one of those that my mother and I were inside a house, painted bright colours. It was "in the making". We heard a man whistling as he came downstairs so we hid behind something – he seemed to sense we were there as he stopped at the bottom of the stairs but carried on into another room on the right. He was wearing paint spattered dungarees, only tied on one shoulder, with a bright yellow t shirt underneath. His face was rosy, bursting with health. It was my dad who had passed a couple of years before. I was never close to him and his passing was only poignant because my mother needed me then. He was a refrigeration engineer by trade by had skills in joinery etc. He was carrying a piece of wood and sandpaper. He was happy. On waking I thought that would be heaven for dad. Building a house, painting it, working with wood. A few years later, my mother had alzheimers. She asked me where dad was. I asked where she thought he was. I said England. I told her that he was really sorry he couldnt visit her in the care home but he was very busy building a house there for them both, when she was ready to travel. That seemed to satisfy her curiousity. I think I didnt tell her a lie, I think I told her the truth.

  8. The more I read of NDE's, the more I think that it is our true reality that we are indeed light beings who choose to experience a physical existence and that would only be of value if there was a veil keeping us "grounded" literally. It is our purpose to cultivate love, the essence of creation. We can only do this honestly when we are free to choose.