Near Death Experience: Frequencies of Life

Near Death Experience: Frequencies of Life

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Mary Helen Hensley experienced abnormal instances bordering her entry into this environment, so it was not a huge shock that as a boy or girl her best close friend was her deceased grandfather. She also started dreaming of points that would stop up happening, but she uncovered to not converse about these one of a kind talents with other folks. Soon after graduating from school at the age of 21, Mary skilled a tragic car or truck incident that sent her into a near-death experience. On return to her broken body, she arrived back again with increased gifts. 1 of her new talents is to obtain another’s healthcare troubles and manipulate vitality in a beneficial way for their recovery. Because all sickness has a frequency and due to the fact Dr. Hensley can pitch, tone and listen to disease, she a short while ago designed a frequency relating to various disorder and other issues we deal with these days.

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  1. WOWWOWWOW…….This woman is so interesting. I was born in Ireland but lived in Canada most of my life and have had somewhat near death experiences, Cancer(a life readjusted) among other corrective traumas. So, this episode really rang clear for me. Plus, I am trying to understand frequencies. I read that if you put your two thumbs to your ears with a little pressure, you will hear your very own frequency? FASCINATING!!!

  2. You had me at "it's that feeling when you peel off the dirty wet from sweat jeans and take a shower". Ha! yes! After years of doing tree work I know that relief very well and all you focus on is how great that shower feels not those work drenched clothes you have no intentions on returning to. I really enjoyed listening to you and a lot of what you said really resonated with me. It's wonderful your souls journey brought you to helping others.