Near Death Experience: Eternal Love

Near Death Experience: Eternal Love

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Daniel Berdichevsky started struggling from an uncommon health condition associated to his coronary heart when he was 19 many years previous. He went to a number of doctors and went through a lot of tests, but they could not figure out what was the bring about. He went on and off many blood force remedies for months, but they just didn’t feel to do the trick. His mom took him to a monastery in hopes that they could recover him. While there, Daniel started emotion unwell and he went to his place to relaxation. Even though resting, he suddenly felt himself “crawling out of his body” and he went via a transformational near-death experience.

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  1. I believe that channels like this are catalysts to speed up the ascension of human consciousness.
    This and other NDE'ers stories only contribute to the notion of need for us to become a more spiritual people. The best future for humanity would come to existence only by us becoming spiritual; technological material etc advances would not do. In our world today, it’s the simple people are being controlled used deceived by those who exercise powers over them.

  2. Wow that owl brings a memory from when was younger. We have a lot of orange trees in our back yard and I saw this white thing flying from under the trees it was so white and was so fast and big that I couldn't see exactly what it was when I look above the trees on the sky it disappeared.

  3. When he talks about seeing the Earth from above, and it being organic with a spirit of its own but ALSO with the crystalline structure around it as well, I wonder if he was seeing the internet connections that crisscross the world?
    He said it was as if it was both organic AND technological and this was the first thing that entered my mind. When he said it gave him a feeling of something wasn't quite right, could it be the conflict the internet/technology creates if it's NOT in harmony with our world and humanity? Even though there are great things that come from technology, there's so much negativity that it brings forth as well.
    I also wonder if part of that crystalline structure was also part of the Earths magnetic fields and leylines? So amazing!!!!

  4. The only reason why I struggle with believing in these NDEs is the thought that we ALL go to this place and all of our sins are forgiven and there is zero judgement. What about purely evil people like BTK??? How in the world would he get to go there??