Near Death Experience: Don’t Go to Hell!

Near Death Experience: Don’t Go to Hell!

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Kathy McDaniel had an incredibly impactful near-death experience the place she expert both Hell and Heaven. Kathy shares vivid details of her experience and then leaves us with incredibly encouraging terms.

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  1. Hi Kirk, It's really an interesting question. There were no mirrors there and those people I knew from Earth recognized me, and I didn't feel dead – just confused, so it never occurred to me to look at my hands or feet or anything. When the zombie guys attacked me, I "felt" the kicks, etc. It bothered me when I "got back" and for years wondered how I felt physical things like hunger, being tired or cold and pain. It took about 20 years before I found a quote out of a novel I was reading that finally clicked for me. It's in the front part of my book before the story starts by Roland Murello. In short, it's like when you were a kid, and a bully that always punched other kids in the nose had you by the shoulder. You are terrified and you see him launch his fist toward your face, but at the last second, he stops the punch short of your nose, but you still yell in pain and start to cover your nose. You think you are hit, but you're really not. It's feels real because you believed it was real. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Ray F, How did I feel coming out of it? If you mean the coma – I was super confused again. I was shocked to be out of Heaven and then shocked to be unable to move or talk. My family was freaking out and that didn't help either. I was groggy and they were all talking at once. I was disappointed and sad and scared and angry, but unable to express myself at all. It was a different kind of earthly Hell!

  3. As the Tibetan Buddhists describe, when we first cross over (or when we're in a near-death out-of-body state like a coma), we come face-to-face with our inner demons. None of that dark stuff is outside ourselves. They are expressions of our cumulative pain, fear, guilt, etc.,trying to be purged. (this is the origin of the "purgatory" concept). The demons are not external. They are internal, and facing them is part of the healing process as we go toward the light.

    Everything Kathy describes is straight out of Christian mythology, all the way down to the demons having bad breath. This is HER stuff… her childhood indoctrination, her personal belief system (i.e, anti-abortion, singing praise to Jesus to escape hell, the effect of prayer, etc.), and childhood experiences (being told that she's not worthy).

    Hopefully Kathy will recognize how personally subjective this is, and that this "hell" is her own projection.

  4. Hi again Kirk , Religions almost always exclude people if they don't believe like they do and God loves everyone the same. It's almost too much for people to believe that and I find it incredibly sad. My favorite parable of Jesus' is the one about The Prodigal Son. I think that's the most important lesson in the Bible…that God (our Father) loves us all no matter what. God doesn't feel, act or think like a human.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story! This is an important testamony for Christians to hear. Many Christians are conditioned to fear hell in large part because of the shame they are taught to feel due to being a "broken" person. I think your story is a perfect example of why we are here to overcome our fears; fear of hell can result in creating our own hell.

  6. Jesus paid the price…he died for us and paved the way. This changed everything. Hell was made for Satan and his demons not us. The greatest commandment Jesus gave was to love one another and as she said be loving and kind…be merciful and forgiving. I believe that is what is required to live with God forever. Jesus is our advocate…he stands in the balance and is a champion for us always!