Near Death Experience: Blending with Spirit

Near Death Experience: Blending with Spirit

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Lillian Medium is a medium, a psychic, a healer and a spiritual teacher. She experienced a rough begin to lifetime, becoming homeless at the age of 14 and with 3 small children by the age of 18. In excess of the yrs, persons would come into her everyday living and explain to her that she could be an instrument to assist men and women recover. Her spiritual journey took off for her soon after a near-death experience in her late 20s throughout a surgical treatment and a guarantee she designed at that time to be employed as an instrument for fantastic. Lillian describes her special experience of blending with spirit for the duration of her NDE, she talks about three prospective exit points for our spirits in the course of this physical lifetime and the highly effective lifeforce of spirit. Lillian also speaks of how we commune with spirit, the chakra procedure and how the clairs are related to the charkas and how frequency and meditation can aid our connection with our loved ones who have transitioned.

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  1. Great interview. Love the water frequency. So, if Julie can see very well when she astral travels using her root chakra, should she then do the water frequency to strengthen her third eye to see better while in body? Just trying to understand better.

  2. Another good episode and guest Julie. I love the touch on 'Free will, Frequency/vibration, shakras.' For those that feel/wanting a visitation from a passed on loved one, and you don't get one and feel left alone. You're NOT alone and the reason why there is no visitation. You don't need a visitation. Your loved one can see/know more than you/we can ever know. Find solace within yourself, you're going to be ok. The lack of visitation is the validation, you're going to be just fine! Thanks Julie and Lillian!

  3. Wonderful lady, who’s wiling to tech with truth and openness. Thank you for explaining to us spiritual things in a more understandable way. Thank you both ladies for this uplifting talk and practical tips.