NDE Research Panel – Next directions in NDE Research

NDE Research Panel – Next directions in NDE Research

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Researchers of NDEs and related phenomena are largely responsible for the extent to which NDEs have gained legitimacy with both the public and academics–but much work remains to be done. The five members of this panel are published authors in the field of near-death and/or consciousness studies. Their panel discussion will begin with each one’s perspective on what topics should be the focus of future NDE research, and each will reflect on challenges in conducting such research. Participants include Mitch Liester, Robert Mays, Suzanne Mays, and Jan Holden. Moderator Jan Holden is an NDE researcher and the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies.

For more information on near-death experiences, visit http://iands.org
For information about IANDS conferences, visit http://conference.iands.org

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  1. Nde offers only one perspective of consciousness. Merge with other research on reincarnation memories by Ian Stevenson/Jim trucker and past lives regression by Brian Weiss as they all independently but coincidentally show that our consciousness survive death, we live many lives and our thoughts and actions matter in the hereafter.

    Science is only starting to explore what the ancient spiritual traditions have known all along. So be kind and helpful to others, be virtuous, meditate and cultivate ourselves to higher spiritual levels. Cheers.

  2. It would appear that this is really about trying to translate a sublime spiritual experience into a materialistic scientific paradigm. Unfortunately, it seems that at present, there is a spiritual denial which prevents die hard materialists from exploring (let alone accepting ) the spiritual dimensions of life.

  3. "We're not sure if Dr. Parnia would include a case where there were no AVPs during the actual cardiac arrest resuscitation, but the patient later saw and then accurately described the hidden target in the ICU while he/she was on life support and in a coma!"

    more infos about that