NDE Aftereffects: Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences – Jane Thompson and Janice Holden

NDE Aftereffects: Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences – Jane Thompson and Janice Holden

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Please note: Unfortunately there are some audio issues
Researchers have recently identified the near-death experience (NDE) aftereffect of spontaneous mediumship experiences (SMEs) in which the experiencer (NDEr) is visited uninvited by a deceased entity asking the NDEr to do their bidding, most often to convey a message to another living person. This workshop will be provided by two people: a mental health professional specializing in transpersonal experiences and aftereffects, and an NDEr who experienced numerous aftereffects, may of them challenging or distressing such as SMEs—and who developed strategies to cope effectively with them. Together the workshop presenters will provide SMErs with a forum in which to discuss their experiences and share coping strategies.
Source 2018 IANDS Conference

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  1. Not all mediums are legit however. Also if a legit medium falls into greed they can actually lose their abilities. Man is coming up with a "soul phone" for speaking to the dead without the need for a medium, mediums will be out of a job once and if it does happen.

  2. It was the speakers microphone source that was faulty. Those during the question and answer period who were using another microphone could be heard clearly. It's sad because the majority of this program was extremely hard to listen. It may not be possible to fix the audio.