Natalie Sudman's LIFE REVIEW During Her Near-Death Experience

Natalie Sudman's LIFE REVIEW During Her Near-Death Experience

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Natalie Sudman’s Lifetime Assessment In the course of Her Near Death Experience

“Natalie Sudman shares NEW INSIGHTS about her near death experience after her truck was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq. In this 2nd job interview, Natalie reveals what took place to her in the second phase of her NDE, which she calls the Rest Ecosystem. She talks about the relationship involving spirit and soul, her experience obtaining a Life Evaluate, the matrix that connects all residing things, coincidences as serendipity, options we make and people we do not make, the energy of our beliefs more than our intentions, and a profound closing information about the gift of staying human. If you have been fascinated by this Protection Of Liberty Medal recipient in her initially interview in Time One particular, you are going to want to check out or pay attention to this new video conversation that handles new, consciousness-increasing insights.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set

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The previously mentioned video is the 2nd of 3 interviews with Natalie Sudman about her near-death experience.

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Natalie Sudman worked as an archeologist in the Fantastic Basin states for sixteen yrs before accepting a situation managing design contracts in Iraq. Soon after being wounded by a roadside bomb (improvised explosive device–IED), Natalie has because retired from authorities service. She is now experiencing artwork, crafting, and continuing explorations into the non-physical.

Natalie has been a issue of experiments executed by the College of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Reports, and welcomes invites to act as a lab rat for any scientific investigation. Describing herself as an open-minded skeptic, Natalie finds that the demanding methodology of science appeals to her vital mind, although her inventive nature enjoys the expansive liberty of leaving powering the essential mind in repeated forays into the non-bodily. She maintains that an irreverent sense of humor and a willingness to seem foolish are the cornerstones of constructive exploration.

Elevated in Minnesota, Natlie Sudman has lived most of her adult daily life in japanese Oregon, Montana and South Dakota. She just lately moved to southern Arizona. Her artwork is offered by Davis & Cline Galleries in Ashland, Oregon.


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  1. My daughter has a condition called Synesthesia in which she can see, touch, taste, smell and hear a leaf, number, letter, anything. This condition is being researched now and is not highly uncommon. She says she would feel lost without it. She is also highly intuitive.

  2. Thank you. I'm fascinated by this. I did some research on Synesthesia and watched your video of your daughter tuning her Ukulele after getting your comment. It's quite amazing. And I understand why you told me about this under this video, as Natalie mentioned a similar phenomenon during her NDE. Thank you for letting me know. If you ever run into someone with Synesthesia who can explain this articulately, please let me know, as it would make for an interesting interview.

  3. Great interview, and very funny. Reminded me of the part of her NDE where she was repairing her body with other light beings and they were "goofing around." You can see how Natalie calls that forth in Bob. Bob, you're almost giddy with affection for your guest and the subject.

  4. Natalie does bring out my goofy side. We share the same sense of humor. I both enjoy the subject (of course) and that she doesn't just answer my questions with a predetermined sound bite, but rather, thinks about each one carefully and then presents her answer as accurately as she can. It's always fun interviewing Natalie. I look forward to the third interview of the three.

  5. Hi Bob. Yes, sorry I didn't really explain to you why I had made that comment, but in watching the video of Natalie's experience, I felt compelled to tell you about this condition. We are connected with several fascinating synesthetes now and my daughter is a member of the American Synesthesia Organization. Perhaps best contact for you is Dr. Sean Day. He manages a list serve of synesthetes who share experiences, research, etc. Dr. Day is my friend on FB. Are you on FB? Loving A.L. TV. thanks!!

  6. Hi Bob, I'm not sure if my reply uploaded. I recommend research Dr. Sean Day. And also, PhD researcher Bryan Alvarez at the Berkeley Neurology Lab. And Eagleton Labs. All have much information. My daughter has full spectrum synesthesia and I'm sure she'd be happy to share as well. She expressed it very well. Books: "Born on a Blue Day" and "A Mango Shaped Space". There is a lot of info.

    I love your show!!

  7. I'm still working my way through this. So rich, I have to pause and ponder. You know…if individual souls do exist, it fits in with (the little I know about) quantum physics, to suggest every possible choice being lived out on any one subject of one's physical life. If this were so, just imagine the benefit to the "whole being." There isn't necessarily any right or wrong, just every possible angle of experience.

  8. Having watched many like themed videos such as this, looking intently for what I feel is total honesty from the subject, this young lady comes closest to satisfying that quality for me. She ponders each question for her "truth" before allowing a response. I love her smile & her innocent manner. It is obvious she knows each (NDE) will be different for each person, and is simply relating what she has experienced and what her feeling is regarding those experiences.

  9. Yes, although what we would call "evil," such as selfishness, acts of violence for one's own pleasure, etc., will cause that particular "chip off the old block" of the larger Consciousness system to devolve. Love seems to be the way of existence, and makes a positive evolution.

  10. great channel, just subscribed, cant believe only 13,000 people wanted to see this. maybe there is a majority of people without a living soul that dont care where we come from, where we go, who our creator is and what his plans were. since childhood i look forward to death, without being unhappy to live, i just think death is, like birth, one of life s biggest highlights., like graduation. must be depressing to live when you fear death and try to ignore it.

  11. @ 27:0029:40 I think the best analogy for what she was probably trying to explain about how all the other choices that u didn't make, still existed & still were played, even though ur 'focus' & main 'core' made a particular choice…. would be by imagining how regardless of the fact that a Hollywood movie is in the theaters as a finished product = (i.e.,) The choices we DID make, play out & broadcast….there may have been several (or an infinity number of) OTHER story lines with OTHER specific processes & outcomes (OTHER movies) that were also played out & recorded BUT the producers decided to put their focus on (play, record & broadcast) the movie that made it to the theaters. 

    The only difference between this analogy & what i think she might've meant, would be in the fact that she did & would also add the 'No Time' concept. IOW she would say that all these played & recorded movies with different story lines were all made at the same time. Maybe not in those exact words but something in the style that NDE'ers try to explain the 'No Time' part of everything in that realm. 

  12. It's funny because I saw a video in youtube about other dimensions and it explained that we are multi-dimensional beings but we can't realize it because the other electrons of ourselves are in other dimension we can't see. And it was a scientific documentary that had to do with Einstein's theory not with spiritism.

  13. The model I would use is the cells and the larger body they form. The cells have everything we have, they ate like mini us. It all leads to singularity. The information she talked about is on a subtle level which I think spirits are, subtle level of us.

  14. Thank you Bob for this incredible interview. I believe Natalie Sudman and Nanci Danision give the best description of this current life and the afterlife. I don't know why but after watching this video I feel better. Once again thank you Bob and Natalie for the interview.

  15. I just love this video … and I agree with Angelina, that Natalie has an amazing smile. I had also thought about whether we have other selves that branch off from us, i.e., the one we are focusing on has taken certain paths and has not taken other paths that they would have liked to. Could it be that part of our spirit does take another path, such as becoming an artist instead of a secretary, and/or another part who perhaps wanted to be an actress and just did not have the self esteem to even try and that a part of our essence breaks off and does, also all the while we are still focused on the journey that we have been on and where this (our consciousness) continues on and is unaware that parts of ourselves are, in fact, experiencing the paths we did not choose. I cannot wrap my brain around that either, but it did occur to me prior to hearing this video. Another way of doing things we had been seeded with, such as a passion for whatever, i.e., fashion, technology, teaching, writing, whatever … would be to do as much as possible to follow one's bliss in this life, but perhaps there is a chance that one can do that on another level or dimension after leaving this plane of existence? I ponder all these things and more ….

  16. Thank you! Natalie Sudman is one of the most original NDE writers. Just one thing about “spirit guides” – if everything is one consciousness, then it follows that spirit guides must indeed be us: in fact there can be no separation between any of us. The apparent separateness is something that appears in consciousness. It is even in Christian scripture- “as you do it for the least of these, you do it for me”. Christ here implies that he is everyone. If he is everyone, then everyone is him, it would seem.

  17. I talk in my sleep. ALOT! I also walk in my sleep, but I’ll save those stories for another time. While my body sleeps my “ME” carries on intellectual 2way+ conversations & there’s a lot that my mouth shares. I record myself. I might be giving “tours” to other souls that wish to experience a quick glimpse of what it’s like inside a human body to those who may not have tried this yet

  18. Very excellent conversation, Bob & Natalie! Both of you are so engaged, interested, sincere, playfully respectful, and genuine. I experienced a loving feeling for you both from watching and listening. Thanks! Namaste