My Pre-Birth Memories and NDE-Like Experience

My Pre-Birth Memories and NDE-Like Experience

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My Pre-Beginning Reminiscences and NDE-Like Experience

This is the tale of my spiritual journey, like my pre-delivery memories and an NDE-like experience I experienced about the age of 19. In this video clip I describe in the most element achievable what I keep in mind from my pre-delivery memories and my NDE-like experience, and how these factors have affected my lifetime.

Howard Storm estimate: out?v=Vm647n1360A

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  1. I do not have these memories but I know it exists! The feelings that you try to describe is what I encounter in dreams. I sleep every chance I get because I prefer to be in that realm.

  2. I remember being in the light also. It was so hot but not painful, it was burning love and comfort. I remember when it was ‘my time’, there was a buzz of excitement all around me from all the other ‘pieces of light’. I felt so excited that it was finally my turn to go to Earth.

  3. Thank you for your revelations!

    My husband Bob has profound pre-birth memories and finally agreed to make them public. For most of his life, he was fearful his experiences would not be believed and subject him to skeptical ridicule. As a U.S. Secret Service Agent, Bob had Top Secret and Special Intelligence clearances and often carried a loaded revolver in close proximity to the President of The United States. Had he made them known, the Secret Service would have probably transferred him out of D.C forthwith!

    Did You Choose Your Parents? is Bob Ritter's quest to keep a pre-birth vow given to a universal collective consciousness. The collective consciousness was horrified at the development of the atomic bomb and its use on Japanese civilian targets by the United States. The first atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, exactly one year before Bob's rebirth. The second A-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki three days later. It’s estimated over 100,000 people perished due to the initial blasts with tens of thousands dying in the following weeks due to radiation poisoning. The collective feared the spreading of these weapons and their use in even more destructive and deadly wars on Earth.

    In exchange for promising to further world peace, Bob was granted advanced cognitive abilities and was offered a set of parents who descended from courageous and idealistic ancestors. The assassinations of President John F. Kennedy along with Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., weighed heavily on Bob. Due to the tragedy caused by these murders and the unfulfilled "what ifs" had these champions of peace and racial harmony not been cut down in their prime, Bob dedicated his life to preventing the assassination of the U.S. President who would be elected in 1980. This President was supposedly the next cursed to die in office. Since 1840, every President elected or re-elected in a year ending in zero had died in office. Of those seven Presidents, four died by assassination! This is a historical fact.

    Becoming a U.S. Secret Service agent, Bob developed new procedures and fought to prevent the opening to the public of the Presidential arrival area of the Washington Hilton Hotel. Several years after his warning went unheeded, a would-be assassin fired a gun from this very same location on March 30, 1981. President Reagan and three others were wounded. The President came very close to dying and fulfilling the curse once again. Fortunately, Reagan survived and as leader of the free world, went on to bring down the Berlin Wall, end the Cold War, and pursue peace through strategic arms limitation.

    DYCYP? presents compelling testimony of an existence before birth. Bob's many years of extreme dedication to his pre-birth vow and his advanced powers of foresight reflected in DYCYP? offer startling evidence that the soul, spirit, or whatever you wish to call it, exists both before the birth and after the death of the human body. This should be comforting news in an era of increasing violence, pandemics, war, etc. Our true book provides some rational explanation to issues of faith and spirituality. Hopefully, it will inspire others to offer any pre-birth recollections they may have. Did you choose your parents? With your support, these phenomena can be studied by other scientists and philosophers.

    Our narrative weaves interesting American history into an exciting true-crime memoir. In addition, strategies for detecting dangerousness in individuals and the need to reduce the culture of violence will be passed on to readers. We invite you to check it out at:

  4. I am obsessed with sunflowers. They have such a significant role in reminding me the follow the light and the son. I love your story of picking your hair color. I am a red head too and I'm the only one in my family who has red hair. All the other red heads in my family has passed.

  5. Wow! I have a very short Pre-Birth memory, where I was in a kind of waiting room and was also asked "which hair color I would like to have!". And I remember I wanted to be blond really badly 🙂 (my mum has red hair and my dad black). I was also asked if I wanted to have curly hair like my mum or straight, and I said straight. But when I was a teenager, I really wanted to have curly hair and tried several Perms, which all did not work. I like my straight hair, but sometimes when I am in that phase again thinking, how beautiful I might have looked with blond curly hair I am thinking "damn why did you not choose my mothers curls!" :-)))

  6. I wonder why music can be haunting and beautiful at the same time. I figure truly beautiful music should invoke happiness and inspiration. If it's haunting, it might just be a facade for how someone truly feels.

  7. yes, I called a similar experience my "awakening." it's like you wake up to the truth. There is nothing but love. If you had all the answers I think you would go insane staying here. We are learning to love ourselves and then teach others.

  8. I truly believe in the immense light of God through which pours out love for all the creation.
    What is puzzling is why does one have nightmares of being lost, or being abandoned, or being chased & running for one’s life, & other scary scenes from which one wakes up with a start, & of courses great relief that it’s only a dream.

  9. Words will never be enough to describe spiritual things because they are discerned . The Spirit of God does not need words and conveys his thoughts in full to our hearts with intellect, heart language and emotions all at one instance. Words cannot convey ideas like that. I can't describe it eather.

  10. When I was 20 till 29 years old I spent long periods of my life in a different state of consciousness: no sense of time, no sense of I (only life exists, I is an illusion), no sense of separation (everything which is perceived is inside my consciousness) and so on, accompanied by indescribable bliss.
    Later on in my life I met the great powerful Masters of India and spent years with them. With them I was seeing miracles every day. Advaita Vedanta is the kind of teaching which I feel reflects Absolute Truth.
    A Course in Miracles gave me the possibility to experience the fact that we are also wholly divine, not different from the great Masters…

  11. Thank you for sharing your story, dear Melissa! I literally live for these stories. I don't have these memories, nor an NDE experience but I have been a spiritual seeker my whole life and these stories help me FEEL and remember the love my heart knows and lives for. I turned my life over to LOVE, SOURCE, GOD and stories like yours help me affirm my commitment and remember that love each day. So you are a special gift to all of us as we are gifts of God's love to each other. What Source told me today when I asked how I can reveal the Light today, "Just being your sweet beingness is enough."

  12. You are right on, thanks so much for sharing. I have learned a lot from the light as well. God is so good. I have a deep appreciation for the Sacred plant medicines, (although you didn't mention them, your experiences remind me of them) I have a hope for humanity to come and know them safely, but especially for us to all remember who we are in God. ❤️

  13. It’s kind of ironic because the is a religion that has taught that we lived before this life with God. Every person ever born in this life lived in this spirt world. We chose to come to this life to learn things we couldn’t as a spirit. Tho was taught for over two hundreds years. Many people don’t understand what your talking about because all we know is know. There is a purpose for our lives not just in this life but for eternities. Love is the one of the most important things can feel and express.

  14. Melissa, this is one of the most sublime videos I have ever seen. You speak with passion but also with great clarity. Your work is a joy and an inspiration. Especially valuable, I think, is the way you convey the difference between the transcendent experiences you’ve had and the moment-to-moment availability of the Presence of God you have come to know. This is an important distinction and, thanks to you, more people will come to know that Presence. Living Water, indeed. ❤️