My Pre Birth Memories and NDE Like Experience || Better Sound Quality

My Pre Birth Memories and NDE Like Experience || Better Sound Quality

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My pre-start memories and NDE-like experience. (With better audio high quality!!)

So several of you viewed my very first video and explained you couldn’t listen to it, so I fastened the sound excellent.

This is the scariest online video I have ever posted. I have composed about these matters but under no circumstances spoken about them out-loud to anyone aside from my spouse and mothers and fathers. I completely notice that I could free the respect of a good deal of individuals, and that people today could not choose what I have to say on other subjects very seriously right after they look at this video. However, I am at the point in my existence where I treatment a great deal far more about sharing my tale than how people today choose it. These recollections and experiences are THE truest truth of who I am, and THE driving force driving every little thing I have ever carried out in my entire lifestyle, and I won’t be able to keep on to maintain them bottled up.

I have reminiscences that did not occur in this earthly daily life, and considering that I have hardly ever died, I can only conclude that they happened prior to I was born. All I know is that these are the most serious memories I have. In accepting them I have uncovered these peace, liberty, and reason in everyday living.

Prior to watching this video, you should know that I am a follower of Jesus, and these reminiscences have only strengthened, deepened, and refined my faith, in methods which I will have to talk about in long run movies. If you view this and loose regard for me, I comprehend, and I want you peace and pleasure on your journey. But if you resonate with anything at all I have stated, then my sharing this story will have been value it.

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Right here are the one-way links to my website exactly where I wrote about these portions of my story:

1. pre-delivery recollections:

2. NDE-like experience:

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  1. This was beautiful. I believe what you said about God being the brightest, most loving light. I had a dream about a week ago where I experienced being in His presence, and it was just as you described – a warm, loving bright light. As I was waking up, I heard myself muttering, "Abba is good and only good." This video confirmed a lot of what I instinctively know, but God is teaching me how to remember.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It's beautiful. I'm also reading and watching many NDE experiences, especially after my brain was fried with benzodiazepines. I was taking that poison for short time with belief that it will at least somehow help me, but now I'm struggling in agony for over 2 years to survive because of brain damage it made. Your story is one of the most meaningful so far since it says so much without complicating everything.
    It's very interesting that you're able to remember something before you were born. I never had NDE, but had some different views on life than most of the people. I felt few times during sleep love that was almost greater than my body could handle… I thought that I will dissolve or die. It was there after I actually fell in love with someone, but weird stuff started to happen during sleep.

  3. When I was a small child I told my family that I remembered God. I do have a vague memory of being in the presence of a great light, a feeling of love, peace, and excitement I guess. However after all the horrible things I've witnessed and been through personally I no longer trust this stuff. I did not plan this evil trauma that I've endured. If I did, I was coerced, tricked, or just plain forced to do it – and my memory wiped. If that being that we remember is indeed God I do not trust it and I charge it with abuse – incalculable cruelty and wickedness. God does not have my permission to keep me trapped in this insane mess. I will never forgive him. I mean seriously, who would volunteer to be raped to death or being disfigured by acid, etc. If God plans our lives he is a sick monster who deserves nothing but utter contempt. I'm sorry that my second comment on your videos is also a tough one, but it's the hard truth of what I've experienced. Thanks for having the courage to put this out on youtube.

  4. my sister, big HOLY hugs in the precious name of JESUS, OUR LORD AND MESSIAH !!!
    Years ago when I was new to THE WORD, I remember as I was reading THE WORD one day that I saw in my head as I was reading that I was an angel of THE LORD, helping HIM create the world and the things in it. Right then, I thought this was a deception of the devil trying to trick me and get me off track. But now, since I really know THE WORD, I and/or we could have been born in flesh many times since the initial creation. I ran into a man years ago who told me, [ whether it was a spirit in him talking to me or his own spirit, I don't know ]. But he told me although he was 38 years old in the flesh, in reality he quoted to me he was 10,000 years old, but only 38 years old the flesh. And He knew THE WORD inside out.
    All I know is, there are a few Scriptures that suggest we have been to earth before this life, in the Book of Ecclesiastes and other places throughout THE WORD.
    But right now I don't have a way that I know of to prove it. So I'm not gonna refute you or put you down at all.
    A female buddy of mine said she was GOD.
    There is a Scripture that says that GOD WILL BE ALL IN ALL which suggests GOD is us, but we are not GOD. Or, maybe what she meant is we are all expressions of GOD.
    I don't KNOW. That's the frustrating part. Not knowing. I'm glad I came across your channel and your subject matter.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences. You are lucky to have them. Most have to struggle through life blindly.
    If you want to listen to some spiritual music find on you tube, Amira Willighagen singing Ave Maria, Gomez, at the Canisius chapel in 2015. It is so moving it brings tears to the eyes.

  6. You are such a beautiful soul. I loved hearing your experiences and I totally believe you. You are such an enlightened person for someone so young. Don't worry about what others think about you, your light shines through. God bless you.

  7. I remember my first pre birth experience that I was in the center of the universe and I was with iron man with the avengers abd purple elephants feeding me ice cream sandwhichs. They told me that I had to go to earth and find thanos that has the infinity gautlet. They warn me that he was going to destroy the universe. I warned everyone but they all think I crazy for some reason.

  8. I absolutely love your story! I am so sorry it was super scary for you to put this out there – but I am so grateful that you worked to overcome that fear. It sure helps those of us who have not personally experienced a NDE. I am just so thankful for you and your journey!