My First 1st Sleep Paralysis Experience with the Old Hag (SCARY!)

My First 1st Sleep Paralysis Experience with the Old Hag (SCARY!)

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Snooze paralysis and the old hag syndrome are scary AF. This is the tale of my initial experience and what I think brought about it. NSFW as I say fuck A Good deal.

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  1. I have had a lot of sleep paralysis experiences especially in the last couple of years. They come in spurts. I will get a cluster of them over a couple of weeks then they go away for months. I have had a smiling black monk who was holding his hands out and smiling, something else who was holding my hand but I couldn’t see them which was incredibly real and weirdly felt extremely comforting, I had felt something press on my back, I put my hand to the side and something held my hand, incredibly real, not like a dream at all, I will feel something pressing down on my chest or back, I will desperately try to put my bedside lamp on only to find although I can physically reach out the lamp won’t switch on. I have had a young teenager covered in what looked like scarlet fever marks, I didn’t know what this young boy was covered in until I later googled “red blotches” and saw pics of Scarlett fever then there was the angry blonde woman, plus a woman called Stephanie nice kind face and I had asked her name and said why won’t you leave me alone and who are you , I can still see the faces of these people vividly even now. Never had an old hag or anything looking evil but it’s the initial ominous sitting on your back or chest that you feel first, and then it starts. I found the more I had these experiences I was thinking oh here it comes again and would keep my eyes deliberately closed so it would just get bored and go. On other occasions I would found I got angry and would swear at it and I fought the paralysis trying to move and would spring out of it very quickly. I have heard feet heavily coming up the stairs whilst in this condition too only to be able to move before the door opens.

    I read it could be stress related or the way you sleep. Apart from one experience in my 30s, the first one recently as in the past 18 months was during the start of lockdown and my work dried up, so stress could be a factor and I have found sleeping on my front makes it worse so again there may be something in the way you sleep. But then sometimes I do worry about it being spirits or lost souls as these people seem troubled and either sad or searching. I did say to a visiting relative that I hadn’t experienced anything in months only to have another experience that night as if whatever it was literally heard me and was playing with me. It’s incredibly real when it happens and because I have only been in this house about 4 years I wondered if it was the house because of the amount of times it was happening but then during the day the house is extremely peaceful. I don’t take any uppers or downers before I sleep, or take anything before sleep but these things have still happened. One of the most bizarre and frightening experiences initially I have had.

    I was telling a work colleague who said her husband has the same experiences but it’s the old hag experience with him, however one night my colleague herself felt something push her leg whilst she was wide awake and looked over at her hubby to realise he wasn’t anywhere near her and asleep facing the other way. When he came to he said something hideous had visited him again that night again. My work colleague never has this happen to her yet that night something forcibly pushed her leg whilst she was awake as if pushing her away from him. Make of that what you will. Bizarre.

  2. When I was a younger woman, I woke up and realized I couldn’t move, my ears were buzzing so loud and there was a male form on me, and I realized his intentions were not good. I could Not scream I couldn’t wake up I couldn’t stop anything. All of a sudden I was out in my body in the top of my room and there were all of these I don’t know, spirits dancing in a circle around me in a frenzy. It was terrifying. I couldn’t do anything, all of a sudden a blinding light started coming in the window, and I was back in my body and I could move-and I was terrified. I wouldn’t sleep without a light on forever after that I was terrified to go to sleep and I will never go to sleep on my back again. happened more than once

  3. I've seen it but try to forget. And she kissed me a few times. It was the most disgusting thing I can remember happening. Her mouth was dry and tasted like sulfur. I get scratch marks too. I usually notice them in the shower when they burn. The good news is if you call on Jesus (or in your head if you can't speak) it stops.

  4. I've had shadow people countless times. Its just a dream. I think its if you open your eyes in your sleep and you can see your room and the dream starts/continues in your room but can't move because you're still sleeping. You hear voices, see shadow people moving, hear noises (usually bad stuff). I used to be petrified but it happens so often I'm just used to it now

  5. Never had an old hag but after I took my first melatonin ever, I had a very vivid dream that I was being abducted and dragged off by a cave man. It seemed like I was back in prehistory. The feeling was terror.

  6. For anyone suffering from sleep paralysis…If this ever happens to you again, you can pray and say the name of Jesus while you are stuck and I swear it will snap you awake! I've had sleep paralysis for years and have tried everything to wake myself up but it can be sooo difficult and scary. The most I can usually ever do is wiggle my toes or try to take a few deep breaths (which doesn't ever really help much, especially taking deep breaths because then I'll actually stop breathing for a few seconds afterwards). But I watched a video awhile ago of some girl that also suffers from sleep paralysis and she was convinced it's like demonic or something, so when it happens to her she shouts Jesus's name and prays to wake herself up. She said it works for her every time. So I tried it, and YES, it for sure works!. The only problem for me is that sometimes I'm in such a panic I'm not thinking clearly and forget what I need to do or say. But I swear, every time I have remembered to say Jesus or God's name and pray for help, I snap awake. It is the only thing that has worked. Hopefully this helps someone.

  7. I have suffered from sleep paralysis for as long as I can remember and I was always tormented by shadow people during it. I would start praying to Jesus in my mind during these times and then they would end. It’s definitely very scary having nigh terrors and sleep paralysis.

  8. Thankfully I haven't experienced exactly what many of you all have. This last week I've been isolating at home with covid. I've had 2 different experiences of what felt like someone tapping me on the leg to wake me up, then looking to see that there's nobody in the room. Then another of what felt like a woman placing her hand on my leg (lovingly) right before waking up.

    Although I do often hear music and lyrics, right at the point of falling asleep. I should write them down really.

    The old hag experience sounds terrifying, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  9. I just discovered your channel and immediately clicked on this video in hopes of discovering what causes this sleep paralysis. I've experienced this at least three times in my life but never saw a hag or shadow people. I just couldn't move. I was trying to scream for help but no sound would come out of my mouth. The last time this happened, again I was panicking, I convinced myself to go back to sleep and shortly after I woke up and was able to move. Its a freaky experience.

  10. Yes I had experienced sleep paralysis around 2001. But I didn't have an old had. It was an entity that I couldn't see and I felt it was male. It said in my ear what sounded like kablah kablah kablah 3 times and I could feel it's breath. The breath was hot and it sounded demon like. I was terrified as I couldn't move or speak.
    I could also hear cabinets in the kitchen slamming. Seriously it released me and I sat up in the bed screaming for my husband at that time that someone is in the house. He got up to investigate but no one was in the house. I haven't had that happen again thank You God ❤️

  11. So great to come across this. I have been researching and trying to figure out what and why this has happened to me most of my life. I read the science and biology behind this but I am always intrigued and freaked out by the emotional, spiritual effect it has on me, even though I try to dispel it with scientific facts. I taught myself from a young age how to get out of the paralysis, I would need to find my breath and then focus all my energy on my pinky finger and move it – and while the hag ( every time) was on top of me, I would be terrified, but start to focus on moving my pinky and it worked every time. I would come to skating and breathing heavily. What a ride!

  12. I'm a woman and I've experienced it except i opened my eyes in the room i fell asleep in and saw a yellow demomic figure at the foot of my bed and i thought i was just seeing things so i went back to sleep and woke up not being able to breathe and saw this male demon on top of me holding me down staring into my eyes holding down my chest. I accepted that I was about to die and embraced it, i couldn't move, or scream AT ALL. I was about 12 at the time so, yeah. I've only experienced sleep paralysis( no demon) and involuntarily shifting since then but for about 2-3 years after this i had chronic nightmares

  13. Ok thank you for the scientific logic.yeah I was wide awake and I took some sleeping pill but still very awake went to sleep at 2:45 then woke up 3:15 i was paralyze couldn't move or scream your looking at your room very vividly look to the side to see if there was something but I turn the light nothing but I Have seen a shadow before this time I didn't see nothing I had a chest pain for whole day after I woke up in the morning and sweaty feet

  14. man i had to stop the vid, because the experiences i had scared me so bad i was getting goosebumps hearing this guy talk about it. i had this dream of this hag just scratching a chalkboard looking back over her shoulder right into my awareness hard to explain.. pure terror felt like forevor. but i woke up paralyzed in pitchblack room. as i was paralyzed using every bit of strength to break free because i was used to the paralysis at this point and convincing myself it was just repressed trauma and lucid nightmare.. i heard scratching on the wall coming from the bathroom i was pissed off thought it was one my cats playing with something in the bathroom and the sound of the scratching transferred into my dream. so i broke the paralysis got up stumbled through the darkness opened the door turned left faced the bathroom. nothing in there except pitch blackness. blacker than black. void. nothing was there. was standing there got instantly paralyzed and filled with sheer terror felt like i was getting sucked into this void,. THEN WOKE UP AGAIN PARALYZED X10 more scared than i was waking up in the dream still. broke the paralysis again stumbled through the darkness AGAIN IN THE SAME EXACT WAY I JUST DID but this time . i turned on the light ran passed the bathroom and turned on every light in the house.. i pray….. it was just repressed trauma. but when you experience it it literally feels like a demonic attack.

  15. I get the idea of it being neuro-chemical. Yes I do know her and have had 3 to 4 experiences.
    My first Experience was at age 12, I had 3 of them together at the same time. One was at the foot of my bed and was pulling on my duvet, the second was pushing on my chest and the third was on the side of the room watching me.
    I actually managed to regain physical control and then the main hag realised and sped towards me and tried to menace me.. In my dream/hypnogogic state I sat up and told them I wasn’t scared or interested in them and that they can go!!!! The grouped together and floated out my bedroom window (I have always had curtains and a window open (I like the light on the moon and also a breeze).
    The second happened a few weeks later when my sister woke me up and said an old woman was trying to hurt her!!!! Our dog at the time was growling at the bed room door so I went in and their they were. I told them to leave my sister alone and they can menace me but not her. They morphed into a sort of blob face and floated off out the window and hung about by a tree before disappearing.
    The last few time it’s just been one and she would speed across the bed room towards me but I now just look at her and usually say “oh no you again”
    And try to drop off to sleep again.
    I also get shadow people with them now, the last shadow person was about 12 months ago in my ex’s parents house. We where staying during a U.K. a covid lockdown and I woke up to find a shadow person at the foot of the bed on my side just staring at me and gently pulling on the duvet.. my ex and her dogs where fast asleep but I was awake. And just ignored the hag to my right..

  16. I’ve had sleep paralysis a few times and out of body experiences. I was able to see my body and the room exactly as they were but I was existing in a different realm.
    There were deep black beings trying to reach me and I knew what to do but was paralyzed and could not speak. As other described I had to make an extra effort and force myself to break free from it.
    But I must mention that even if I am not a religious practitioner, in all those instances I yelled “ JESUS” and I was free

  17. I experienced sleep paralysis back in 2010 for a couple of months. It was terrifying but prayer always got me through it.

    Then, it just stopped after a man in a robe and beard told her to leave me alone. Never had it again.

    True story.