“My Dad died… but I'm not alone ” 100 Huntley Street – May 4, 2020

“My Dad died… but I'm not alone ” 100 Huntley Street – May 4, 2020

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Jonathan Lewis is the author of Deep Drinking water a reserve on struggling with the big of fatherlessness for men. He is the devoted spouse to Sara Lewis and the father of two attractive daughters. Jonathan life in Hebbville, NS. Religion, family, group, philanthropy, and very last but not the very least, entrepreneurship, are all deeply entrenched cornerstones that have guided him for lots of several years. He has been individually associated with several charities and community-dependent pursuits domestically and nationally striving to transform peoples’ lives by way of volunteering, fundraising, and advocating. “In existence, I feel all of us inquire at some point…why am I right here? What is my purpose? Typically this is when we are struggling with insurmountable odds and experience confused by what daily life is throwing at us. I know I was there as a younger man. I really encourage you to get the time to find your “WHY”. For me, my “why” is to support at-threat youth. It is to help the fatherless. It is to combat for justice for individuals who will need to know someone cares and that they are not by itself.”

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  1. My dad went to Vietnam when I was 4…
    Came home when I was 7 drank and killed himself…
    My mom hated me…I was 2nd of 4 kids…Younger brother sister and a older brother…I lookedlike my dad…I was put in Reformatories and Youth Homes…
    No one cares for a kid without parents…I was hurt by everyone and thing that I've ever loved…Then I started having dreams of JESUS…I was in a national motorcycle club one of the top members in the mother chapter…I was angry at the world…JESUS changed my life…JESUS is the love I never knew before…The love that makes you feel wanted and cared about…I know JESUS is real…The motorcycle clubs I was in were the worst of the worst and they loved my anger and I could fight…The drunks that would come home with my mom and beat her I would jump in and I would have to go when they made up…That's the anger I would put in fighting…At that time I would see the faces of the drunks and go crazy on them…
    No matter what this world throws at you…You have a FATHER that loves you enough to die for you…JESUS loves a crazy man that I was I know JESUS loves you…Even if your family don't…GOD bless you all…

  2. Thanks for the message of the fatherless. I never knew my dad and felt a void in my heart for so long towards God because of my image of a father figure since I didnt have one. God has been showing me his love is healing me and allowing me to understand that all I need is the Lord.