Mother Finds Children From Past Life! Past-Life Memories, Dreams & Regressions.

Mother Finds Children From Past Life! Past-Life Memories, Dreams & Regressions.

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Mom Finds Kids From Past Life! Earlier-Existence Recollections, Goals & Regressions.

JENNY COCKELL: “Get completely ready for this great tale! It is a famed past-existence case. Jenny Cockell experienced previous-existence recollections beginning at age 3. Although she grew up and life in England now, Jenny’s childhood memories had been of her daily life as Mary Sutton, an Irishwoman who died 21 several years ahead of Jenny was at any time born. For the reason that Mary Sutton remaining 8 younger little ones driving when she died, her psychological worry about her little ones appears to be to have transferred to her new incarnation as Jenny. As a final result of these recollections and this concern, at the time Jenny bought aged sufficient, she was compelled to commence utilizing the maps she experienced drawn as a boy or girl (based mostly on her past-daily life recollections) to uncover the precise locale where by she lived in her past life as Mary. The location turned out to be Malahide, Ireland. Thanks to her diligent research, Jenny also located Mary’s children and individually reunited with 5 of them. This is an Afterlife Tv set episode like no other I’ve performed just before. And I consider it’s just one you will be telling your mates and family about for several years. Appreciate!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set

Note: So as not to confuse, I mention at the starting of this job interview that my spouse, Melissa, informed me so substantially about Jenny’s reserve that I did not go through it. I intended to include that this transpired yrs back and I did, in actuality, browse the guide before this interview and loved it. ~ Bob

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JENNY COCKELL’S Ebook: Across Time And Death: A Mother’s Look for For Her Past Life Little ones:

JENNY COCKELL’S 2nd Guide – Past Lives, Upcoming Life

JENNY COCKELL’S BIOGRAPHY: Jenny Cockell, a member of Mensa (the substantial IQ modern society), is the writer of the bestselling reserve on past-everyday living memory titled, Throughout Time And Death: A Mother’s Look for For Her Past Life Children. She is also a chiropodist in Northamptonshire, England. She has two young children, a son and daughter, and is married to her partner, Steve, a garden designer.

Facebook Webpage: Jenny Cockell can only be contacted by way of her Fb webpage, which she mentioned she designed in order to talk with enthusiasts (so sense absolutely free to Good friend her and allow her know how substantially you loved this interview):


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  1. Absolutely awesome show, Bob! You are doing outstanding work! Couple of questions, when she was in-between lives she said she remembers that time as well. Does she remember creating a birth-chart for her next life? Also, she talked about sequential lives…does that mean we cannot drop into any time in history? She also talked about death and forgiving herself for it not being her fault. Did you get the chance to ask if she feels the date and circumstance of our death is predetermined or not? It would be great to know these things. Blessings.

  2. every night for years and years, I have dreamed of a city that I've never been to. I visit shops, ride in a car thru red lights, and visit a hotel that has a swimming pool on the roof. a lot more happens in the dream, but what I have written is all I can remember when I wake up.

  3. I agree, my parents told me I was an idiot when I was 3 years old and could tell her all about the Revolutionary War as a man named Thomas Richardson, which is NOT my name. He was killed by Princeton, NJ, and that's where I was born. I also was shot behind a rock with a brown coat on. I had the tricorn hat but I didn't know the redcoats were coming. There are so many more details, but that's the beginning and my mother and father told me to tell NO ONE about this ever, and I NEVER did.

  4. Very interesting.
    I'm one of those opposite parents that always believed my youngest, when she was a toddler and had her 'imaginary' friends. I even let her set a,place at the table for one if them. Because of some prior experiences years prior I became more open minded. Thus child also, when she was barely able to sit in a chair by herself drew the most wonder pictures if faces. I asked her to tell me about her faces and she told me those were her angels. We never spoke if angels in our home at the time.
    Now, at 16 years of age, she tells me that didn't happen and I waa imagining it! So the experience is opposite for me!

  5. Great interview. I would love to know what her pre-birth plan was.. I was also curious whether she remembered anything between lives, and also whether she recognizes her present grandchildren! I guess I will have to track down the book.

  6. Thanks Bob, You are fulfilling your purpose, for the journey that you are now on and by doing so, helping so many to understand thier own.
    Blessings in the ONEness, C.C. "aPsychicmoon."