Most DETAILED Near Death Experience Ever Recorded; Woman is given TOUR of the Universe! Venia Hill

Most DETAILED Near Death Experience Ever Recorded; Woman is given TOUR of the Universe! Venia Hill

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You should delight in my job interview with Venia Hill about her unbelievably in-depth Near Death Experience!


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  1. I like what she says about Autism. My experience with Autistic people is they have a hidden genius within them. I once attended an Art show of works of Art created by Autistic people. I was just amazed at how creative they were. These paintings were amazing.

  2. There is just one reason why I can never seem to fully understand these NDE accounts and still remain skeptical is because I have not yet heard a single one of them discuss or mention Yehoshua's true mission and purpose. For example, if nothing you do here effects whether you return to Heaven or go to Hell then these NDErs are giving the impression that Christ purpose made no difference at all. I don't buy that for one minute. So far, every NDE account, to me, consists of either liars, misconceptions, or full-on deceptions. Even Adam was deceived by Satan appearing as a being of light. Who is to say that these NDEs are not the same thing so as to fool people into thinking that your deeds and actions are not indicative of your final destination? Of thousands of NDEs, where is that one single account that explains the most important event in human history? If anyone has a link to that, please share it.

    You also get conflicting stories as well. For example, some people say that the soul has a choice. You can actually choose whether to come back or not. Then there are many of them that say "I was forced to come back against my will". So which is it? Then the ones who say "there is not hell", "hell is only in the physical world", and "I died and visited hell". Ok then.

    "Your soul can never be tricked … " Yah, that's what people say here too.

  3. after 30 minutes of listening to these two women praising them selves and shaming the rest of the world I had to stop watching…REALLY DISAPPOINTING so full of ego making everyone else feel like less, everyone else who are seeking comfort not your self flattery!!!

  4. If the experience, has been Commercially monetized, or sold, in any way, the integrity of the message no longer contains the PURITY, and the Integrity of LOVE; and has become tainted with the Vanity of Commerce.

  5. This was such a beautiful testimony. I've been searching for answers since 2020 losing my 3 best friends, my mom, and family friends during COVID. It really helps with the depression I've been experiencing. Listening to these stories for me is like church, without being present in a Church. Thank you. ❤️

  6. This really was an amazing interview describing a very detailed experience, which is what we all crave most. I'm so glad you asked about the pictures I was waiting for that. I've never had an NDE but I do have these handful of memories that definitely don't belong to me it's really strange. Almost like I used to be this person. Great great video thanks