More Love Than We Can Imagine – Tricia Barker, Near-Death Experiencer (NDE) (IANDS Video)

More Love Than We Can Imagine – Tricia Barker, Near-Death Experiencer (NDE) (IANDS Video)

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Tricia Barker experienced a profound NDE (near-death experience) during her senior yr of school, which fully remodeled her daily life and understandings. In this NDE movie, she discusses classes from her NDE. Tricia Barker also discusses how absolutely everyone can entry to extra adore than we can imagine, anytime! Tricia is a graduate of the University of Texas and at present teaches English and innovative composing in Fort Truly worth, Texas.

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Tricia Barker’s near-death experience has been showcased on “I Survived: Over and above and Back”, alongside with the Amazon Primary series “Lifetime to Afterlife: Death and Back” and her NDE account was included in Nationwide Geographic. Tricia’s memoir, “Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation” tells a tale of her near-death experience, instructing mission, and eventual triumph over trauma in her earlier. The reserve also focuses on the worth of currently being of company to the entire world.

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  1. The kingdom of God, is with in you, all the works of God are done in truth, The truth of God, life and love of God is in you, you are the Christ, arrise and shine in obedience to the eternal light and salvation of God our father

  2. I have a question and I don't know if anyone can or will answer, but I'm going to ask anyway. Who or what are the shadow people? I say people, but I know they/it doesn't actually have a physical reach out and you can touch it body.

  3. Very enlightening. When Dr. Raymond Moody first published a book in 1975 titled "Life after Life," I and I think most people had never heard of near-death experiences. Back then such experiences were considered by the medical community to be a hallucination caused by chemical changes in the brain. Nowadays, we see that thousands of people all over the world have had a near-death experience, and it makes the experiences credible, particularly in cases where the person who temporarily died couldn't possibly know something that was said or done by people in other rooms or hallways or outside. This includes messages from the deceased. So the concept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience makes perfect sense. Perhaps the greatest reason why there is so much trouble in the world is the fact that so many people believe that we only have this one material existence, and then it's all over. And therefore someone with that attitude is more likely to exploit and abuse others for financial and egocentric gain.

  4. My dad, who had passed a year prior spoke to me when I was in a sleep state…just before waking…and said clearly and concisely four simple words that jolted me..;”Your mother is dead”.
    I brushed it off…and then a few moments later I went upstairs to find that my 82 year old mother had passed away of heart failure sitting on the couch…. I think on this nearly every day and marvel at the implications…and am full of gratitude for what he was able to do…And then within the first few weeks of my mom’s passing three more pronounced unambiguous ADC’s from her with witnesses…My mom’s disconnected phone range and in a way never before heard…one instance…That they were able to reach out to us in physical ways as well as psychic was is remarkable and the greatest gift they could have given us as adults.

  5. Can I ask what God showed you, if anything, about the people who abused you. How were you to deal with it? How does God view it? Is it right to leave the situation? Did he feel your pain as you went through it? Did he have compassion for your suffering? I too grew up with abuse and struggle with this.

  6. Tricia : please pray to our TRUE GOD that alien spiritual forces are pretending to be him and Jesus to poach the souls of his people. They are soul poachers. They deceived human spirits by looking like the human spirit that they’ve eaten( they eat souls), they trap souls, and can kill souls(cease to exist). They are predators for the living and the dead. Please I need help; we all need help from our TRUE GOD!

  7. Thanks for the inspiring words. I had prettymuch the same back surgery in 1993, they fused up L1-L5 vertebrae (had L3 compression fracture, and L4 simple fracture). The hardware bothered me so much (like muscle pain all the time with the screw ends grinding on the muscles with movement).

    I had the rods and fasteners removed 5 years later (since the vertebrae are all good and fused together with bone now). 2 screws broke off when they took out the hardware, so I still have 2 screws buried under the surface in a couple vertebrae, you can still see those on an x-ray… Although not as bad on the muscles anymore, I still get a decent amount of sciatic nerve pain down my right leg, and if I over-do it working I get a lot of pain on the bottom of L1 where it moves twice as far as normal… Pain is a normal part of my existence, I do not take pain meds either other than regular Advil or Tylenol, etc…

    I think I might go try the tree thing (leaning with back against tree and seeing if it can help take some of the pain). I'm getting ready to build an off-grid homestead property on a coop ranch out in kind of a desert so is that considered 'nature' too? I don't yet have any trees on my lot, but our plan as a coop is to de-desertify the whole region around the surrounding BLM lands (on the surrounding mountains). I guess I should start planting some trees on my property ASAP so I won't have to travel to go find trees… I definitely will try the tree thing though, thanks for sharing that trick…

  8. Such a pure hearted young lady
    I must say
    There is a vast difference
    Between an "event " in ones
    As Tricia describes with the
    Morphine & high levels
    Of pain
    & Those people that have endured
    A lifetime with a chronic disease
    Requireing many surguries
    & years of in & out of
    Bless thier hearts
    It's so different
    An "event"
    A lifetime of chronic disease
    I must say though,
    (I so wish she had gone
    Into depth with her NDE)
    On other words the order
    In which things happened
    Perhaps she has somewhat
    Graduated from the NDE
    & sounds eager to explain
    What she gained & how important
    It is to be of service
    I totally agree & respect that
    This is a very special soul

  9. I do agree… that… at a basic level, we are all love. Not everyone feels this way. Those who haven’t experienced atonement think there’s something evil lurking (deep down) inside them. (My Ex, for example.)