Mom Comes to Terms with Her Daughter's Past Life | The Ghost Inside My Child | #Shorts

Mom Comes to Terms with Her Daughter's Past Life | The Ghost Inside My Child | #Shorts

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Mom uncovers her daughter’s visions of dying in a 1982 airplane crash and heading to heaven in this clip from “Wounded In Battle And Lightning Storm Rattle.”


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Be a part of the journey of 5 people who have been touched by reincarnation. Two little ones will experience a reunion with a person from their past life hoping for answers and closure. Just one emotional adhere to-up to a reunion will illustrate the profound influence it had on two lives. And two all new tales, a 4-yr-previous who has religious awareness his mother and father are unable to explain and a 13-12 months-aged whose past life memories as a Samurai warrior are crucial in his struggle with Leukemia. Five amazing testimonies that will have you query all you know about reincarnation.

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  1. I would love to know the background of this regarding her influences. 99% of the time, there is a very good explanation for this
    Parents don't realize how their subtle influences affect the kids. Even subconscious suggestions can influence them. There are millions of lakes and parks around. Doesn't she play at a park? Doesn't she swim? Its not like she said, "there is a leather tannery next door"! Or something very unusual. A lake and a park and a kid??Just because she picked up a blue crayon doesn't mean she saw the plane

  2. I've grown up in Louisiana and the airport is in Kenner. And do you know how many lakes and rivers we have? It could have been an accident from any point in time! We have had so many plane crashes! I remember watching this episode and thinking this is so common it could have happened to literally anyone! But she ends up finding out who the little girl used to be.