Miracle healing – I saw God pulling out a tumor…

Miracle healing – I saw God pulling out a tumor…

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A survivor of seven strokes, a most cancers prognosis, a gap in his coronary heart, and a prognosis from doctors that he would never ever stroll, communicate or survive the lots of well being traumas he has faced, Charles Sathmary’s testimony is miraculous. Charles uttered the terms “sweet Jesus save me” although in the midst of suffering a huge stroke. Jesus did preserve him and continues to maintain him as Charles proceeds to have faith in Jesus and stand on the promises of God.

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  1. Awesome, Testimony. This man is so bless, he have the tenacity to believe ever when he was not save, even when the doctor say something else God bless this man I have not seen such faith even in the church, as Jesus had said to the centurion man that come to him for his servant that was sick. God bless everyone , Almighty God let us grab whole to faith in God written word, and believe, and live in the name of Jesus Christ of nazareth hallelujah amen . I believe, it is a privilege to be a child of God. Thank you for your testimony. God bless you..

  2. Faith in The Lord is believing He “can” but Trusting His Wisdom. I know you’re OK with Him saying yes but are you OK with Him saying no? The first step is to believe He exist. The second step is to believe He is good. The third step is to trust in His Wisdom. Lay your request at His feet and let Him decide, this is Faith.

  3. I had itchy spot on on my leg. It was there since 2002 or older than that. I prayed for it my whole life nothing happened. But one night in 2021 I just randomly joined one chat session where person asks me to ask for forgiveness of my sins, generational sins, he asked me to trust and confess that God has made me free from all the curses and bondages. That spot slowly disappeared in in a month. It was a miracle because I went to lots of skin specialist no one able to cure me from it. Glory to God.

    One more thing I born In muslim family and I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour in 2002.

    If you are waiting for miracle. There is a hope and that hope is Jesus. Confess your since and pray earnestly. Do the donations to whomever you want to give in the name of christ…

  4. Jesus Christ saved me in 2012. I was a former homosexual and a false prophet. I did commit homosexuality during three months in 2010, as I had a coworker that was homosexual and I was foolish to "want to try something…" Then my father asked me to go to another city to go to college, and so I moved and stopped doing it. But I never confessed that sin, or other sins I did before. I did not confess that I was a sinner and lost until 2012 after hearing a preaching on the radio that homosexuality was a sin in the society. Another one was being a false prophet, as I said that there was no hell and tried to set up a date twisting what the Bible says about "the end of all things" and Matthew 24:36. It was a false doctrine, just as there are many now.
    "If we confess our sins He is Faithful and Just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." – Bible. God convicted me, of sin in 2012. Even thou I heard of gospel since about 11 years old and read the Bible (but did not understand it) and went to congregations for many years. I was not a Christian until 2012 after I heard a preaching that homosexuality was a sin the society on the radio, reading the Book, Jude and acknowledging I was at fault. "and God requires an account of what is past" (Bible). I did many bad things before and never confessed them. Like violence, sexual immorality, idolatry (I worshipped myself one day [was an evolutionist for one day]. I was in the same state of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, lost. I was in the road to hades (the place of the dead: to die without Christ) But I am a new man now. I was born again (born from above) in 2012. And I have been called to preach and translate (God inspired me one morning I read the Bible to translate into Spanish). I also know now that it all relates to God, science, language, all things. As God has told us in the Bible.

    God does miracles today. Jesus healed me from paralysis and lameness of of one foot. Jesus Christ heals me from nerve damage.