MIRACLE HEALING From His Near Death Experience & Prayers

MIRACLE HEALING From His Near Death Experience & Prayers

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  1. Wonderful account! Totally loved what Kevin had to share. I know the power of prayer to heal us from my own personal experience when I came close to checking out in 2020…doctors were consulted—but the medical protocols weren't of any use, other than diagnostic. Many people prayed for me, on-going for several weeks, and it completely reversed the illness, slowly dissipating it. Thanks, as always, Jeff!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Yes! Jesus is not only a soul healer but a physical healer as well, I know this because I experience his healing power, there is no doubt about that, I wish you well and many blessings

  3. Kevin kind of answered the question I had for the Divine for a decade now. We hear about all those NDE's from young folks. (You have to go back, it's not your time.) How about us older folks? Do we or would we have to or want to go back? Kevin wanted to come back because of his drive to fulfill his unfulfilled dreams and desires and he did come back and a miracle on top of that. Hope, Will & Desire is a powerful force in our lives. There is the Divine in all of us and it's really up to 'Us' to decide what we want to do with it. Thanks Kevin & Jeff!

  4. Enjoyed this! One of the attributes of Kevin that touched me was and is his conviction of the one source of all good irrespective of varying religious ideologies in the world and his conviction in the power of prayer irrespective of a specific religious context. Indeed there is only one creator and all great religions have sprung from the same source in different ages and geographical locations

  5. And there REALLY HAD BERN NURSES TELLING YOU:" Your foot should not be healing! That makes no sense!" As a worl as a medical counselor – I am unabel to imagine such an amount of nonsense. Because every nurse knows that healing can never ever be pronounced to be impossible and no medical book tells me never ever it could not be.

  6. Who in their right mind would leave the paradise of heaven to come back to this wretched place. This is what happens when you don’t have faith or believe in the afterlife. Myself personally I can’t wait to get there. I’ve never heard an NDE experiencer say he was angry and wanted to come back. If he only knew he could’ve achieved anything and everything he wanted right where he was, in heaven.

  7. a mth ago, (the night the spiral was seen in the sky, all over NZ, + blamed on the gases of a satellite going up) I was closing my blinds at 1am, + saw the whole farm was lit up like daylight. I just stared, trying to figure out if it was car headlights, or a helicopter spotlight, but could hear no sound, + the shadow of my house was half way across a large paddock, + wasnt moving, as it would if a car was travelling along the rd. It lasted about 1 minute, then flick, it was gone. Told 1 person + got laughed at. The brightness was a powerful as spotlights at a night time rugby match. I dont think it was humanly possible to make such a light as far as I could see + so bright.

  8. You were healed because people were praying for you and Jesus answered their prayers. Your mother was telling you about heaven and then the other person you saw was Jesus. You need him. You experienced his love and compassion as you looked at him, as he spoke to you. We all need Him. You can't only be a spiritual person. you need to repent of your sins and live for him. We have all sinned against him and broken his commandments.. Look up the 10 commandments. if you have broken any of them you cannot enter into heaven. There can be no sin in God's heaven. so that's why Jesus is our bridge to heaven with the Father. He gets all the glory for everything in this world because he went to the cross in our place and died for our sins so there would be a way to reconcile human sinners to God, the Father. If you're talking to people and they're down and hopeless, it is wonderful that you are listening to them but you need to talk Jesus to them. He is the answer to ALL our needs and salvation. By His word, the Bible, and his commandments are how we are to live. Please give Jesus a chance today won't you repent aunt and ask his forgiveness that means to turn from sin Your life will never be the same again. I can guarantee it I repented and askedThe Lord to forgive me and lead my life when I was 39 and if he can save me he can save anybody. Just think what a great testimony you will have to tell others! I pray God's blessings on you and that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction on you and lead and guide you to Jesus. ❤️ It's our choice and if we don't choose Jesus' free gift of salvation, the other choice is hell. There's only 2 places you can go after death.

  9. Wonderful and inspiring. I have an issue with my feet ….pain and numbness, and I don't know what's causing it. I woke up feeling pretty down a few minutes ago and started watching this and when Kevin talked about the miraculous healing of his foot and leg my hope rose so much because I know God healed him….and if God healed him He can also restore me. God have mercy on me.