Melissa's After Death Communication & The Mystery of the Missing Shoe

Melissa's After Death Communication & The Mystery of the Missing Shoe

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NDE Online video Interview: Melissa, Janee L’s 13-12 months-aged daughter, was killed in a tragic vehicle incident. At the time of her death, Melissa appeared to Janee and apologized for the combat they had had on the working day of her passing. Janee required to bury Melissa with the costly tennis shoes that Melissa liked, but one was missing. In which did it go? And how did Melissa’s 5-year-aged brother learn of the misplaced shoe when no one particular instructed him about Melissa’s death, substantially a lot less about the lacking shoe. Janee has waited lots of years to give this account of the incredible events surrounding Melissa’s passing. She only came forward now in hopes that her story can aid other grieving mom and dad who have missing a child. Recall to subscribe for extra assumed-provoking videos:

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  1. Beautiful guitar tune ! and such a moving memory. Perfect! This is a lesson to hear after my daughter and I have not been talking, she's mad at me, baggage,etc. The NDE accounts, descriptions of comforting appearances of loved ones, channelings and connections to the dimension a "hair-width away' – our Home, there's so much peace truly knowing that we're eternal ,ever forgiving and have agreements to teach one another when we share lifetimes on Earth – much like actors in a play. Thanks Janee and ALL for the timely video. namaste

  2. So sorry for your loss Janee. I had a teenage boy. There were so many times when he would press all my buttons and I'd lose all patience and say things like "no computer for a year" or "your allowance is cancelled forever". I guess all teenagers have to push you over the edge to find out what happens. How wonderful that Melissa came back to you to tell you it was okay. Also, that she kept in communication with Michael. I believe her telling Michael about the tennis shoes was also a message for you so you would know that she appreciated you getting her those shoes. I also had an experience like yours where my husband's grandfather dead for twenty years appeared when we had to put his wife in a nursing home. I didn't believe in ghosts, but I woke up with the sense that someone was in our bedroom. I saw a hazy white figure and started to scream; then like a magic wand had been waved, without me doing it, I lay back down and instantly feel back to sleep. I didn't believe what had happened. Much later, I had many more psychic experiences which I wrote about my late husband, actor Tom O'Rourke ( ) in a book BEDEVILED

  3. Wow, I was waiting for her to say where the shoe was! I lost my 30 year old daughter who was my BEST friend and the best daughter ANYONE could want 17 months ago. Stupid psychiatric meds that cause suicide. That was a touching story. My daughter also communicates with me. That was great about the sister talking to her brother. But man, that is messed up to not ever tell the boy. But she realized later though. Going to sub to your channel.

  4. When I was 8 years old, my stepbrother was killed in an auto accident. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I am 62 now. Really, it was the worst thing. I still miss him. His name was Lynn, he was 18.

  5. This Mom's courage is amazing to behold. Thanks seem pretty feeble to offer across the miles and time from this stranger, but I'm grateful this rolled across my feed today. Peace and light to all.

  6. Anybody else got the chills a bit when her son said her daughter lives in his closet? I would rather she just walks into the room or just appear. Thanks for sharing your story I can tell the mom is honest and she didn’t filter her flaws and reflect on her actions. That was a beautiful story and I’m glad they all got the peace and comfort from Melissa.