Meeting God in the Light

Meeting God in the Light

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In her incredible life journey, Sandy Briggs discovers new insights about life and the afterlife through empirical spiritual experiences. As the author diligently searches for truth, she experiences a series of spiritual awakenings. Meeting God in the light and receiving information through divine communication opened her eyes to a new perspective of life itself. She was given a glimpse into life in the spirit world that she had never conceived in the past and shares them with the hope that her discoveries will help all people to better understand our connection with the spirit and to know that we are all loved by God. (Source: 2017 IANDS Conference)

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  1. So tired of the Bible thumping. There's is no Satan. It is an excuse. Socrates was executed for political reasons and trumped up charges,one involved him believing in a Greek god. He did believe and it angered some. I doubt if he would appreciate being associated with the cruel god of the Bible. Her story is a sermon. Suprise, suprise, she wrote A book. These experiences are becoming big business and a way to push Fundamentalism even though she presents it as something different. This was sickening.

  2. If Jesus talked to you, he undid your psychology and made you understand that TV isn’t real, everyone on earth is trying to sell you something and showed you how people have played on your emotions. You cannot understand what actors, roles, characters and even scripts are until you talk to Jesus. Everything in llfe is perspective. No two eyes see the same. You wake up, your cross rises. Instead of sharing your pain like you should and inspire people into the word, you are choosing your narrative now based to sell. Jesus revealed to me, purpose is another thing no one can give you or define for you. She is not being 100%. The spirit realm has demons in it. And you open doors through your mind, heart and body to the demonic realm. You meet Satan. Research everything you want, no one knows the truth. I believe inJesus and I believe focus is an imperative word for you to live your dream and not others. You have stories. And you know you exist

  3. not to be mean…..this is why some people date for along time because just when you think you know someone you could find out even more than already known and if you can cause your spouse to consider suicide before separating or divorce or couples counseling that's pretty sad and preventable but im. still watching ill come back.

  4. Your Earth is a realm, not a planet. Your Earth is geocentric and geostationary and does not move. The sun is small and orbits your Earth, as do the moon and stars. The stars are not suns. They are incorporeal lights created within the firmament, or dome, which encapsulates the entire earth. Above the firmament is water and below the earth is also water. Always question the spirits that claim to reveal truths. Planets as you know them do not exist. They are nothing more than wandering lights. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the fallen ones. Jesus is Lord and he returns soon.

  5. Wow, this is what I wanted to hear!!!
    You keep hearing this over and over but to hear this experience from Sandy has made me a big believer. You make everyone believe by your humbleness and gentleness!!!
    Thank you for sharing your experience , this helps me so much, especially in times like these where religion has failed many and many have now turned to spirituality. Thank you for showing us love, love in sharing your story!

  6. So excited to hear her talk about the living book. I had an experience myself one morning as I was waking up. This being appeared to me holding a stone tablet. He then opened it as a book. It was alive and each page had holographic life experiences that would pop out of it. Birds would fly out of it, people were ridding their horses of the pages and water would flow out of it. I saw all the pages almost at once and it looked like the entire history of earth. The whole experience felt like time had stopped or did not exist at all. I could have been there for an hour experiencing this but in this reality it was only a minute. I have never heard anyone else speak about this book that I myself saw. This is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. God had hands eh what did she look like oh no god has to be he the god of the Bible and Koran are evil negative distortion that feeds of human emotion they feed of fear they are the anunarki they genetically rewired are dna yawah is evil genocide lunatic

  8. Should this even be on with IANDS? This don't sound like a near death experience!
    She was going through some drama and had a dream? Lots of questions here…

    Religion really does rob us of what there really is all around us and uses "The Devil, Satan" to keep us enslaved!
    We think this. We think that.
    We believe this. We believe that.
    We know this. We know that.
    In all our humanity one thing is for sure. Whatever we think we know or believe is usually not completely correct. God, the Source is waaaaaaaaaay bigger than anything we know and think!
    We just fool ourselves with religion, thinking we know this and that when the truth is…We don't!

  9. From a Native American….your Abrahamic poisons are the virus of hate and murder placed upon our Mother Earth and has infected EVERYTHING. Becoming a warrior of peace is the only cure for this virus. The white man's age is over
    Now it passes to the age of Aquarius in Capricorn…heaven on earth. It is now the age of the red man. Everyone on the medicine wheel has had their chance. It's the red man's turn. Spirituality NOT RELIGIONS will be the way of Aquarius. Nice to see some white brothers and sisters waking up and figuring it out.

  10. Is she calling Muslims violent? they have no nuclear weapons, they're not armed with a bunch of rifles and pistols. They have no little targeting drones and attack satellites, they have no war jets. How was she calling the Muslims violent and right here with the Christians who have all kind of weapons of mass destruction they create all war. Push people of their home lands and call it manifest destiny. Freakin Look at Gaza!!! Lttle speck of violence in the Muslim eye and a nuclear intercontinental missile in Chrietian's eye. Or is it just me?