Meditation Technique that Turns off the Fight or Flight Response

Meditation Technique that Turns off the Fight or Flight Response

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Kelvin Chin, JD, discusses meditation and a system that he promises turns on the reverse of the “fight or flight” reaction and dispels anxiety and nervousness.

Kelvin was a check matter in the 1st health-related experiments on meditation finished in the U.S. in 1971. He has been meditating for 51 years, educating it for 48 a long time, and has had quite a few experiences “piercing the veil.” His customers are varied, from age 4-94, the nutritious to the emotionally or mentally challenged, and the entire-of-lifestyle to conclusion-of-lifetime. Chin teaches a meditation approach called “Turning Inside of.” His shoppers report aid from stress assaults, PTSD, stress, much better well being, more rapidly healing, and balanced spiritual and psychic capabilities.

Kelvin is the writer of the greatest-promoting “Overcoming the Anxiety of Death: Through Each individual of the 4 Key Perception Systems” — a non-religious solution to the 4 beliefs that underlie all religious and cultural beliefs. He employs these concepts to assist people lessen and reduce their fears of death. Kelvin Chin has taught in healthcare and universities, is a graduate of Dartmouth, Yale, and Boston College Regulation School, has lived in 8 nations and at present resides in Los Angeles, California. He is the Executive Director and Founder of the Overcoming the Anxiety of Death Basis and the “Turning Within” Meditation Foundation.

Kelvin’s website: Supply: This is an excerpted portion of a video recorded at the 2019 IANDS Convention.

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  1. I'm very familiar with death from my own experiences and in caring for cancer patients. In having meditated for 47 years my fear of death has gone from level 10 to level 4. However my fear of pain has only gone down to 8.
    Best WISHES

  2. uncertainty.
    ……..can you imagine what this place would be like if we always knew the outcome
    …………to never fear
    and i think
    (………….our souls,…)
    ………….would become cold,
    and distant.
    (…………..from the experience..)
    ……………………..we came to find