Medical Doctor Has NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE After Plane Crash!

Medical Doctor Has NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE After Plane Crash!

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This podcast visitor is Dr. Yvonne Kason. She talks about how she experienced a Near Death Experience immediately after a airplane crash. Her NDE experience propelled her as a youthful medical doctor to research and counsel men and women with assorted kind of peak spiritual experience. Afterwards, In 1994, she coined the now greatly employed phrase, “Spiritually Transformative Experience”(STEs). STEs involve Near-Death Experiences, mystical experiences, spiritual strength or kundalini awakenings, assorted psychic experiences, impressed creative imagination, and a lot more. She is also the writer of the e-book Touched By The Light: Discovering Spiritually Transformative Experiences She has researched peak spiritual experiences for 40 a long time Other than all this, she has experienced 4 other near death experiences herself.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such beauty and divine personal experience, thank you Jeff for your podcast. Over the years, I have experienced downloads that surprised me, it was like "where the heck did that come from", Losing my youngest son 14 months ago opened up the spiritual world even more, his death broke me but at the same time, awoke me.

  2. Wow! I feel like re-reading the mystics like St. Teresa of Avila & St. John of the Cross, who were having these amazing experiences of the spiritual realm back centuries ago!! They were going to bury St.Teresa thinking she was dead but she was in a profound contemplative state. Other times she levitated off the ground!! I was always fascinated with that!! Thankyou Jeff for your channel & great guests like Dr. Yvonne.

  3. She mentioned that what the equivalent of what she is would be in the US would be a psychiatrist. I believe in the US psychiatry is a medical doctor who then goes into the specialty of managing psychiatric medications for people. But they don't do talk therapy. A psychologist is not trained in medicine or psychiatric meds, but they are trained more in talk therapy and how the mind works psychologically. So in the US, if you want or need medication for your mind (so to speak) you get a five to fifteen, if you're lucky, minute appointment where the psychiatrist figures out what medication(s) might help your, symptoms. Whereas if you need to have talk therapy, a psychologist sees you for 50 min. to an hour. A lot of insurances do not pay for psychologists (especially if you are on Medicaid, in other words you're too poor to pay for insurance). You can then only talk to, I believe, a Master's level therapist, or even one with less education like a counselor or even a social worker. I believe I got that right.
    Actually she may be more like a psychiatrist being that she can prescribe meds. If she also does talk therapy, which it sounds like she does, then that's a real plus, because like I said psychiatrists in the US these days don't really do that. I think I got that right. I don't think US insurances would pay for what she does, or what I think she does based on what she said.

  4. Jeff, your podcast is so very valuable, especially into today's age. Thank you. And thank you Dr. Kason for what you've shared with us. It has been so very interesting and heartening to learn of your experiences and thoughts. Blessings to you both.