Matthew Dovel – How to Survive a Distressing NDE

Matthew Dovel – How to Survive a Distressing NDE

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Matthew Dovel, a near-death experiencer, will discuss the adjustment to receiving added skill sets that often result from an NDE. He will discuss how to apply these side effects in real life situations and will provide insights in the field of suicide prevention and how to deal with being emotionally compromised. Matthew will also demonstrate and teach two techniques that anyone can use to remove the bonding between permanent memories and their emotional associations.

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  1. I actually feel really bad for this guy. I know he killed himself but God could have been there for him. I actually have a lot of trust issues with the Creator and Jesus now because of these negative experiences. I personally feel abandoned

  2. Very great man with significant and profound insights. Heaven exists. Hell exists. There is a choice, given by a detailed description from Matthew's NDE. Everyone knows the answer. So we have to act to come back to God.

  3. I admire this objective account of an NDE without adding a religious worldview projection onto it. Clearly many religions posit and recognize the existence of happy and horrible realms, not just Christianity. And because of these NDE experiences, we can say that other realms exist. What that doesn't prove is that we live in a specific religious universe.

  4. Yes, he did ramble at the beginning, however, this is a good speech because of the authenticity the speaker offered, and most importantly, his intention is good – wanting to help suicide attempting people, and it does work! As this is free, i believe that gratitude instead of complaints should be given to Matthew. Thank you, Matthew for this inspiring and wisdom- based video, and the book you wrote. Daniel from China.

  5. I am extremely sensitive to frequencies and vocal tones—I can't tolerate him, very sorry to say. Frustration, victimhood, anger, and yes—residual depression, whether it's his own or belongs to others I'm not sure, is being broadcast through his voice. I have difficulty in believing he's found "the cure". Perhaps his tone and demeanor change when he's working with people who are hurting.

  6. I have been searching all my life wen I was a little girl about seveniwasreallymissing my father and my mom divorced and the Newman came in fast I was so sad of the abuse my family went trew so mom wanted to of and I said Jesus Christ please wear are you I’m a catholic mya mom a Jew into chrisanity and the light got bigger on the wall I was kneeling crying behold I was not dead Jesus came in his gown in the spirit he was there wen he put his hands together the music came out like nothing like hear beautiful then my tears were gone I ran to my sister who was sowing in the fla room said what’s wrong I said Jesus came for moma the needle broke from the power Jesus prayed my mom woke up and things got better fast so I’ll never be afraid any more Raymond moody has children who passed over and there Awsome books of gods glory thers pets in heaven to

  7. Hi Matthew, Your NDE stories are so powerful to me. Long time ago, my deceased brother worked in Alaska for a couple of years. He was so lonely there and called me on the East Coast often. In 2014 in a visit to Alaska, I drove alone once from Anchorage to Seward to pick up my family from a salmon fishing trip. I remember looking out to the marshes/flats against that vast crisp landscape that spells eternity to me. Your description of your experience in the Potter's marsh and nearby highway was so vivid and profound to me, I feel I could understand the part of the initial confusion the soul experiencing, just like the description in the Tibetan Book of the Dead about soul's passage. I sense if indeed there is only Oneness, then, this "confusion/illusion" part of the journey is just as real as a part of the Love and Oneness. I now feel I can more let go of the anger with the unfinished conversation/debate on some issues with my brother. I feel I can/should open my heart to love and accept him in totality. Again, thank you for your courage and sharing your stories.