Marieta Pehlivanova – Support Needed After a Near-Death Experience

Marieta Pehlivanova – Support Needed After a Near-Death Experience

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The NDE literature and preferred culture have centered on positive aftereffects of NDEs, this sort of as greatly amplified compassion, spirituality, and appreciation of life, as well as diminished panic of death, amongst some others. Having said that, many NDErs may possibly experience worries in integrating the experience and obtain it complicated to speak about their NDE with health-related professionals or loved ones, for anxiety of rejection, ridicule, a label of mental sickness or simply just absence of being familiar with. At the very same time, specialized professional assist is minimal by the scarcity of counselors or health professionals common with NDEs. In this chat, I will existing online survey knowledge from an exploratory examine of the sorts of professional enable, remedy, and assist groups near-death experiencers have sought out to system their experience, and irrespective of whether these have been handy. The study incorporated 167 NDErs, as perfectly as a more compact team of counselors who have labored with NDErs in addressing their therapeutic desires.

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to progress an comprehension of near-death and linked experiences as a result of research, instruction, and aid. We imagine a upcoming in which all individuals embrace near-death and connected experiences as a source of which means and inspiration for a improved environment. We consider a near-death experience can transform an individual’s existence, affect the sciences, and embolden society. The International Association for Near-Death Research, (IANDS) engages in much additional than research today. IANDS has customers from all-around the earth. We invite you to take into consideration becoming a member of IANDS. To study extra about near-death experiences, pay a visit to

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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is generally a profound, lifestyle altering, intensely psychological experience that commonly takes place for the duration of a scientific crisis and has frequent features and aftereffects. It is not a aspiration, hallucination, or psychological sickness (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to detect who will have an NDE. They come about to people of all ages, religions, socio-economic groups, cultures, educational backgrounds, and belief units. They take place below a range of circumstances these types of as incidents, in the vicinity of-drownings, diseases, overcome, surgical methods, and childbirth. Following an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) typically screen some prevalent aftereffects. Research has recognized a set of common NDE characteristics and extensive-phrase aftereffects. Typical theories employed to make clear near-death experiences have been verified insufficient by NDE researchers and other folks.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’ve often thought I was abnormal and very isolated and wasn’t sure for a while there was even such a thing as IANDs. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything nearby for help. I have struggled with depression and that desire to be home and felt like I couldn’t relate to the NDEers I have seen on videos and in books. And that desire to return home is so overwhelming at times, especially when times are hard. Another issue I’ve had is thinking something is wrong with me when I lose patience or get upset, but I also get upset with myself for getting upset at times or being short with someone and I feel like I’m failing, because I know better.

    This just makes me feel so validated and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I haven’t finished it, but halfway through and I’m crying tears of relief, because I know it’s not just me.

  2. Mine wasn't a NDE, but a past life memory, when I became seriously ill. For 10 years, I thought it was a hallucination, until I had hypnosis to lose weight , which turned into an unwanted past life regression.

  3. Thank you, I definitely can use some help, is very difficult to deal with people after that experience, very difficult to stay anchored on this side of heaven, I truly appreciate you guys and wish you all well and many blessings

  4. I did not have an NDE what happened to me would be considered to be a spontaneous Awakening. Even though I consider it to be the greatest & most significant experience of my life it has also proven to be challenging beyond belief! And some of the most challenging came from those in the "Spiritual" communities!