Man's Heart Valve Rips & He Sees His Body From The Other Side

Man's Heart Valve Rips & He Sees His Body From The Other Side

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Near-death experience podcast visitor 683 is David Williamson who in the course of his NDE traveled by way of place and skilled a …

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  1. One of my favorites and this is my second time listening. I appreciate his account from a black male perspective with regard to how we live our life here, and he covered a lot of bases outside of that as well.

  2. I can understand what he's saying. I'm white and I grew up in the north with not much racism. We had few blacks in school but the ones we had got along n hung around with white people. I moved to the south for a time and noticed a big difference in racism there. Even white folks there didn't accept me because I was a Yankee and they could sense things in me that didn't click with them. So I moved back up north and I like the acceptance in my area. I could see how racism shaped his younger self. It's a shame we are all disconnected here on earth.

  3. I feel his heart and it is PURE. I pray that more will wake up without having to go through an NDE. Sometimes I beleive it is God's way of REALLY waking us up when all other tactics have failed. Raise the vibration. Love is always the answere and that can only come from knowing Jesus Christ.

  4. 21:42 "And that attention is what amplifies the possibility of you experiencing that in the next life".
    Question: Possibility….to be decided by someone else ? How about NOT wanting to play this re-incarnation memory wipe game altogether ? Do we have a choice or are we subjects to a higher order that decides FOR us instead of us having a choice of not being part of this re-incarnation memory wipe game ?

    Choice Choice Choice…did we…will we…have a choice without any threats given to us with a loving smile ?

  5. 32:39: "I wanted to travel space, I think that was all I was gonna do, that's what I was doing when I was resuscitated, I was still moving forward looking at everything and trying to go forward and learn where I was at, what possibilities were, I wanted to learn how to tell this women I was ok."
    So…did you CHOOSE to return ? Did you WANTED to return ? Or you have no control ? Did a mechanism FORCES YOU AGAINST YOUR FREE WILL to come back to Earth ?

  6. 40:19: "Where I didn't know that I have agreed to something that I didn't follow through with and now I need to go follow through"

    Oh no, has he been Spiritually Gaslighted ?
    His memory, our memory has been wiped because of…the "System" and then he was blamed that he didn't follow through what he has agreed to as though it was his fault ?
    I hope he don't feel any guilt over it because it is NOT his fault, some system wiped your memory and YOU are to blame for not following through ?
    The Stockholm Syndrome [loving your abuser] is a thing, be aware of the spiritual guilt-trip placed on you by the life review system [LRS].

  7. animals of color focus on their victim mindset and don't have the capacity or smarts to do anything positive for themselves. this guy will turn on you white people in a heart beat when he is around his "brothers"

  8. I want to comment and tell each one of you in the comments that I love you. I know it sounds cheesy, but I DO love each and every one of you!
    David, I just want to give you a hug. Thank you, Sir, for sharing your experience. My heart and mind are blown. ❤
    Love is my goal now, it is the lens I see everyone and everything from through now, after watching so many of these NDE's.

  9. Thank you David for sharing your authentic self. I’ll look for on instagram. My heart, mind is inspired and full of love for this wild experience on earth. But mostly what to reflect back to my young adult sons, one of whom suffers and at the same going for what he wants (music) in this lifetime. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

  10. I can definitely relate to some of David’s personal struggles. I was an extremely quiet child , so much so people didn’t think I could talk . I was almost disconnected from the matrix. Once I decided to engage around 11 years old my life was miserable. I was bullied Terribly for an extremely long time and some experience bleed over into my adulthood. I’ve dealt with a lot of evil and hurt and I was a very sad child. This is good stuff David !

  11. David we met at the LAX rideshare lot….hope your Uber found you ;-). What an amazing story. I got the same feeling of peace and calm from hearing you tell your story as I felt when I met you. All the best to you! ❤

  12. What an intelligent man. I love his inspiring story. He shares so many deep truths. Trauma is so damaging and hard to get out of. So glad, David, that you are here and sharing such an important message of love and
    Rebirth. You are beautiful!