Man Sees Jesus While being Dead for 10 Minutes – NDE Experience – 385

Man Sees Jesus While being Dead for 10 Minutes – NDE Experience – 385

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Podcast guest 385 is Brian Hoyland who experienced a near-death experience. In the course of his NDE experience he satisfied Jesus in Heaven.

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  1. I definitely since the Holy Spirit on this guy's video you know I'm so thankful to Jesus that I remember his face I remember him as if he's still standing there in front of my face and yes that beautiful smile was what he gave me when he forgave me. I know I picked up a lot of subscribers to my YouTube channel from Jeff's podcast I thank him a month for sharing my testimony and I'll tell you something you got as my testimony is still happening you hear Jesus teaching you through my mouth which is what he let me live for and it's what he had ordained me to do when I was with him my goodness is he moving y'all I want all of you to come to my channel and it's not for anything other than coming to hear what God wants you to know no I don't monetize my channel so I can get a million subscribers it wouldn't make a difference I turned the monetization off but it's very imperative that you come in here what God wants you to know

  2. I found it so interesting that in an NDE most of the time our cultural and religious backround does influence what we will experience and also how we will interprete the experience when we are back.

  3. I was all in til he started talking bout original sin and the part about us being broken.and the whole catholic bent…

    I mean I was raised catholic so it's not that I don't understand..
    but yeah. NO.

    Everything else was a great account.

  4. I love this testimony! I’ve been living with heart failure, autoimmune disease and lung disease for 6 years now. And yes there is a lot of suffering physically and emotionally. This definitely helps put things in perspective! Thank you so much for this!
    Oh and One question though Brian, you mentioned you help people make it to heaven? From watching all of these NDE’s I was starting to believe we all go to heaven? What have you learned about that? Thanks!

  5. I have to agree with everyone that this was, hands down, one of the most inspiring NDE's I've heard. The idea of joyful suffering really gave me something to think about. What a lovely soul.

  6. I’m so happy he mentioned something about road rage…..
    I really wish people would get over their EGO’s.
    I had a person mess with me one time because I passed him.
    I had an emergency.
    My son ran over my dog in the driveway.
    My really old old old dog.
    I had to hurry and get there but no,the man blocked me the whole way home.
    I got home to see him twitching in the driveway dying.
    So sometimes people are just in a hurry to get home.
    They might have to get home to use the bathroom.
    They might have a heart transplant in a cooler.
    They might have to pee or poop.
    They might have a dog dying or a cat.
    They just might plain have an emergency.

  7. Jeff, your podcast is a HUGE gift to people. Thank you. Brian, thank you for your NDE story. You have certainly impressed on my mind, and no doubt others' the powerful and magnetic love of Jesus. Every cell in your body smiles of 'Jesus Love'. I hope you take time to relax as well. I think Jesus would like that. Many, many thanks. Blessings to all who watch this.

  8. I loved it and yet felt some caution for his interpretation of what he saw. I know from experience that our computer brains also interpret information they are not equipped to interpret correctly. So, even for my own experiences I am cautious. for example: his brain is disparaging toward other religions. His brain interprets through a catholic program. And that is alright for him, in the context of his own place in life but not necessarily for others. This is important because the catholic church’s history is a mighty bloody one. I believe this man is genuine, but it is unwise to accept his computer’s interpretation as accurate enough for prove that the catholics have it right.