Man Has An OUT OF THIS WORLD Experience During A Minor Stroke

Man Has An OUT OF THIS WORLD Experience During A Minor Stroke

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Near death experience podcast visitor 595 is Taylor Hawley who had an out of this world NDE experience throughout a minor stroke.

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  1. Thank you for this interview Taylor and Jeff. Taylor you really have so much insight and refer again and again to the reality that this is so much bigger, that is defies words and can’t be contained in conceptualizations. You don’t seem to be afraid of that atomization of self/ego you referred to (if you allowed yourself to get too close to the slits lest you be pulled through). This idea of no self is still so hard to grasp—or to let go of, in this realm. I think the more we can move to the reality, as you say, that the quality of the energy matters… because that is what you will ultimately ‘add’ to the whole. I’m going to listen again. You have so much insight. Thank you.

    And Jeff. You’re interviews, your questions, just get better and better. Thank you.

  2. When my mom was a teen getting her GED, she said a man in her class practiced TM. He told her he used it to leave his body and make love to her. That night, she dreamed he was taking advantage of her. He told her about it the next day in class. She was so disgusted, she swore TM was a tool that could be used for evil and warned me various times in my life to stay away from it. (She knew I was learning to meditate at the time)… What are your open minded (non-defensive) feelings about that? This happened to her around 1968.

  3. There is only God/Love/One. A spirit/soul is God's energy having that spirit/soul/ego/separation experience. All spirits/souls can create an infinite number of experiences including… an infinite number of universe experiences being the "God" of those universe experiences, and can create an infinite number of spirits/souls which are ego/separation experiences that can create an infinite number of experiences and so on, and so on. It's all conscious emotional energy creating and experiencing an infinite number of creations/experiences for eternity. A spirit/soul is like a drop of water in an ocean; The ocean is the One/God/Love [All That Is] of everything and everything is that One/God/Love/Ocean of energy in Truth; Everything else [the water drops] are experiences that One/God/Love is having. All experiences are God/One/Love in Truth. God/One/Love is-not its creations/experiences [Those are just its creations/experiences it is having/experiencing].

  4. George Harrison's song in which he sings/chants Hari krishna at the end is an attempt to turn Americans to the religion of Hinduism. Same with meditation and yoga. Hindu is paganism according to scripture. I'm not too impressed with Harrison's efforts.

  5. Transcendental meditation teaches to empty the mind. This can open a portal to unknown, unwanted spirits. Jesus tells us to renew and fill our mind with the Holy Spirit. Something will fill your mind. It's never really empty. Big difference. However, learning to love, in any form is better than not doing anything.

  6. Undoubtedly a truthful account, but it brings us back to the inevitable contradictions in Why We Are Here. Earth is a school, except it's of "miniscule importance" and "nothing that happens here matters". Except no school was ever of miniscule importance. It formed half of what we do and know in human society, even if we don't acknowledge it. So it can't be a school. And problem of all this "learning" when there isn't any "life" after death to apply it to, where it could only be applied to a life somewhat like ours.

    None of the Purposes supposedly disclosed in NDEs actually work. Schools. Life plans. Reincarnation schemes. Soul evolution. When you press on them even lightly, they collapse. It looks like we are simply a spontaneous occurrence, which doesn't quite know what to do with itself. For some reason (or quite possibly NO reason) our consciousness appears in THIS (bodily) form, rides this rollercoaster we call life, and then (untidily) smashes into the barrier at the end of it, where we may well be transformed into something else…perhaps undifferentiated consciousness, perhaps oceanic, perhaps even blissful, but not necessarily with a purpose either.