LUCID DREAMING – My First Experience and How to Have Your Own

LUCID DREAMING – My First Experience and How to Have Your Own

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  1. My firs lucid dream was when I was 29, i had a friend who died in a motorcycle accident, anyway I had just moved to miami one night I went to sleep, i was in a bar the bar caught on fire, the cops came & ask me what happened, I was thinking in the dream how could he have died in the fire when I nee he died because of a motorcycle accident, before I could answer the cop, a white dove appeard out of the sky & landed on my left side of my face & put it's beak to my ear & spoke into my soul & said don't tell them what they already Kno & I woke up immediately like WTF was that

  2. Wait wait wait …you seeen the lady with the hair in her faceeeee tooooo ….OMFGGGGGGGG ..this is crazy my last (sleep paralyzes thingy)….she was there hovering over my bed and i was trying to fight her offf

  3. I’ve had a few lucid dreams/spiritual dreams.
    The first one I was riding a motorcycle on the gta IV map. I was like “wait I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle I’m dreaming” and then I was like if I’m really dreaming I’ll have a 1911 on my hip. And I did. I woke up like seconds after that.
    The second one(and I think there are others I just can’t quite remember) was a more spiritual dream, not necessarily lucid. I was not a human, I was just raw energy. I was flying, chasing “evil energy” as the only way to describe it. I was way more conscious in this dream then usual which was weird. Even weirder was in the dream I was dead, knew I was dead, and I wasn’t a human anymore. I woke up from that dream sleeping in the airport I used parking lot, and I had to navigate the airport very quickly to catch my flight, but that was a dream too. So basically I was two levels deep, like inception.
    The third one I can remember was pretty recently. I was hanging out with some people in Tony Hawks underground garage(yes I know the game “tony hawks underground”) and he had some sick cars, and I don’t remember why but something tipped me off that I was dreaming, and I flew out of the garage door which was like 3 stories up and required using an elevator or the car lift to get out and I just flew around for a while and did some other stuff. What was weird is I know this one lasted for a while, but I remember that part but the part where I was I control sort of has faded away from me.

  4. I think all of the psychedelics can get you to have an out of body experience with just different visuals or sounds. You said that you would like to have an out of body experience. Well I think you already have and you don't know it yet. Look up Astral Projection group on FB.

  5. I remember realising quickly I was lucid dreaming and I went to placement ( from school) to work at an agency and I told everyone to fuck off because I knew I was lucid dreaming and they thought I was crazy. I felt so good and free hahaha

  6. I once had a lucid dream, often have very vivid dreams but only had one of those lucid ones.
    Anyway I was in a store in Denmark (I'm danish) and it was a normal grocery store, yet I bought myself a new chainsaw, in my everyday life I work with forest work and firewood.
    So I was walking through the grocery store and I got the strange looks from people, like "Why did I have a chainsaw in the grocery store" and I thought to myself, well this is strange but I did buy it here.
    So I get home in the dream, to a place that I actually don't know irl. And I try out my new grey chainsaw, it works well and I have fun with it, at one point I put the chainsaw on the table near me, and it doesnt have the right hand throttle build in, like where you would hold the chainsaw with your right hand, but I just used it I thought.
    So I try again and it still works and I can still hold it like that and I look at it again, the right hand throttle and handle is still gone, so I start thinking thats weird, and I come to the conclusion that I am dreaming.
    And booom I and fully aware that I am dreaming and I know it is a dream, so I thought to myself that, that was weird and I get the idea that I should try flying.
    So I just launch off the ground and fly to the top of an evergreen tree near me and I just fly around the woods looking at cool stuff, dont remember more than that.

    That was really cool.

  7. Thanks for the vid! I used to lucid dream once in a while, especially as a kid. I had no idea about the connection between shrooms and LD. LOL. Should probably try that. I had a spontaneous OBE… which is a long story which I could email you about, but it eventually it led to my habitual OBE'ing obsession. Keep pumping out these awesome videos please!