Live Channeling of Archangel Azrael – Ask Angelics 329

Live Channeling of Archangel Azrael – Ask Angelics 329

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Podcast attendees 329 are Rienie and Robert Henri from Rienie is an writer and hypnotherapist and Robert henri is a channeler of archangels. In this movie Robert Henri was channeling Archangel Azrael with me reside for the duration of the recording. We speak about why do people have NDEs and much more.

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  1. To believe some of the answers does require “a leap of faith!” I just want to back this up! Any truthful channellers out there, beyond reproach?But why lie about this stuff? Has anyone seen the film “The Manchurian Candidate ? !!

  2. Satan is a being of light capable of manipulating 1/3 of his fellow angels to challenge God's authority. This is a perfect example of how easily he manipulates us to do his bidding. His goal is to put doubt in the world so you turn away from the true God, putting your trust in something other than Jesus.

  3. Stop channeling evil spirits, and repent, and turn to Jesus Christ, because He alone can save you! Hell is very REAL I’ve seen parts of it with my own eyes. God’s real angels will NOT come to occult “channeling”, only demons respond to that type of thing. You are all running out of time! Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s to late, and never pray to angels but God alone, and keep your arms covered do NOT take the m,a-r,k (the j,a-b)!