Linju Ann Alias – NDE Research Report from India – 2017

Linju Ann Alias – NDE Research Report from India – 2017

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Linju Alias attended the 2016 IANDS Conference in Orlando FL and reported on her phenomenological study to explore near-death experiences among cardiac arrest survivors in selected panchayats (villages) of Kannur district, Kerala, India. Here she reports on additional investigations since the conference.

This is a report on on-going research on possible cultural influences on NDEs reported by people in India. The culture is quite different in this part of India even from the more populous areas. So how are NDEs among these people different or the same? Do their beliefs and practices regarding dying and the relationship to their ancestors have an influence on the characteristics reported in their NDEs? The answers are of interest to a number of NDE researchers.

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  1. I have heard of two NDE incidents narrated by my mother when she was alive. One was that of a Indian Vedic Scholar, and another an illiterate village women. Both of them seem to report of experiencing a meeting with Indian mythological Gods, who communicated with them, and returned them to their bodies much against their wishes, to complete their earthy experience and purpose of life. So cultural background does have influence on NDEs and India is the country that believed in this for time immemorial…! The story of Nachiketa is an example…