Lessons From A Near-Death Experience: Anita Moorjani Discusses Her Coma Induced NDE

Lessons From A Near-Death Experience: Anita Moorjani Discusses Her Coma Induced NDE

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This is the next of Bob Olson’s two-component everyday living-changing conversation with Anita Moorjani, the creator of Dying To Be Me. In this online video discussion, Anita Moorjani reveals the lessons she acquired throughout her coma-induced near death experience. Anita shares with us lessons about worry, like, cancer and what the spirit environment is truly like. Just one of the most valuable interviews at any time finished on the spiritual areas of cancer, death, lifetime after death and healing. What Anita Moorjani teaches us about how to maintain ourselves healthful and joyful is genuinely reworking.

Anita Moorjani’s story will blow your mind and get you pondering what she teaches for weeks right after viewing this conversation. In a nutshell, Anita fell into a coma because of to late-phase most cancers. Her spouse was explained to by doctors that she had a lot less than 36 hours to reside (her organs were being shutting down). All the whilst, Anita was obtaining a near-death experience, was provided the alternative to return to her body or not, chose to complete out her everyday living, then experienced the most outstanding healing at any time documented. Today, Anita Moorjani shares her experience and her essential information about adore and joy. ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television set

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This interview arrived ahead of Anita Moorjani’s appearance on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS Particular, Anita Moorjani is the bestselling writer of Dying To Be Me (Hay Household). Anita Moorjani is also the embodiment of the truth of the matter that we all have the interior ability and wisdom to triumph over even life’s most adverse scenarios, as she is the dwelling evidence of this chance. You can pay a visit to her internet site at http://www.AnitaMoorjani.com


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  1. Bob,

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for posting stories like Anita's. In an age of instantaneous communication, the typical news story advances rapidly ideas that focus primarily on how things aren't, can't, won't, didn't, shouldn't, couldn't, and cannot be. However, your programs offer the viewer a perspective that says I can, and everything else is summed up in LOVE. Thank you for the reminders that we are indeed magnificent beings whose primary purpose in earth is to LOVE.

  2. I believe there's life after death, the fact that we're on the earth and have an universe it's by itself something huge and amazing. I'm kinda sick for 2 years and done a dozen of tests, nothing shows up. If i'm gonna die, i'm not afraid anymore, i think this is what we're afraid of and we shouldn't. We're here with a purpose, we die with a purpose.

  3. Thank you very much for these interviews ! She is great !
    ……..but I have the same question as 85xhenry's….I think she will be like Wayne
    in terms of business or activity,namely writing books,giving public speeches…etc…
    She said in one of her interviews that she didn't like guru-business or being a guru,
    but she will be….In my opinion,Wayne is a spiritual businessman.He got interested in
    her case just because of his leukemia.She will have to meet her real challenge in future.

  4. Being an author & public speaker is the best way to share your story & message with the public. And if they don't treat it like a business, they won't be doing it for long & few people will benefit from their message. Personally, I think it's a disservice to have this kind of experience, learn what she learned, and then tell only a few people about it because you're afraid to be called a guru. People are so quick to judge others. But Anita Moorjani has pure intentions & doesn't deserve it.

  5. amazing woman, amazing book(just read it). ..hope you are able to get her back for her new book! i find her take on karma interesting… i've heard a few others talking about the whole karmic wheel thing maybe being a control mechanism that doesn't seem normal, or is more based on fear and can be bypassed rather than stuck on it…. or as Moorjani says – more a yin yang thing

  6. I lost my mother in 2003 to ovarian cancer/chemo. I tried to help heal with Reiki healing energy and meditation but my mother, like Anita said, was surrounded by the cancer energy which lead to her passing. I learned from that situation and do NOT go to doctors. I am the most healthy I've ever been at 47 because I don't surround myself with the thought of sickness. I DO NOT watch T.V. EVER and my life is amazing/HAPPY/Peaceful and Loving. Saw Anita on Wishes Fulfilled Thank you Anita & Bob!

  7. Wonderful interview. So pleased to hear your views on cancer. I'm sick of hearing people say someone's 'battling' cancer, as if starting a fight with your own body would ever be a healthy and loving thing to do. I so agree that all this cancer 'awareness' is doing more harm than good. Our whole society is living in a state of fear as a result. I've stopped going for my cervical smear tests. They're intrusive and painful and definitely not a loving thing to do to my body. I refuse to put myself through them anymore. I certainly won't be going for a mammogram when the time comes for that either. If you look for something long and hard enough, inevitably you're going to find it.