Lee Witting – Chaplains, The Hero’s Journey and NDEs

Lee Witting – Chaplains, The Hero’s Journey and NDEs

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Lee Witting is the producer and host of NDE Radio, which he established through the help of Chat Zone in 2013. Lee expert an NDE himself when he drowned at age 7, and it helped figure out his life’s direction. He been given a Doctor of Ministry degree in NDE Research in 2010, and has due to the fact retired just after 15 decades as the “NDE chaplain” at Jap Maine Professional medical Centre. He proceeds to pastor a congregation at the Union Road Brick Church in Bangor, Maine. Ahead of starting off NDE Radio, he also served as the Publications Director for the International Association for Near-Death Research (IANDS).

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) group with a mission to advance an being familiar with of near-death and similar experiences as a result of research, education and learning, and guidance. We imagine a potential in which all individuals embrace near-death and connected experiences as a source of that means and inspiration for a improved earth. We imagine a near-death experience can remodel an individual’s existence, impact the sciences, and embolden modern society. The International Association for Near-Death Research, (IANDS) engages in much much more than research nowadays. IANDS has users from all around the world. We invite you to take into account becoming a member of IANDS. To learn far more about near-death experiences, go to iands.org.

✨ Sign up for the International Association for Near-Death Research (IANDS): https://iands.org
✨ IANDS on the net activities, teams and much more: https://isgo.iands.org
✨ The up coming IANDS Convention is Sept 2-5, 2022 in Salt Lake Town, UT
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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is generally a profound, everyday living switching, intensely emotional experience that typically happens for the duration of a medical crisis and has prevalent properties and aftereffects. It is not a dream, hallucination, or mental illness (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to recognize who will have an NDE. They transpire to people of all ages, religions, socio-economic teams, cultures, educational backgrounds, and belief techniques. They arise less than a wide range of situation these kinds of as mishaps, close to-drownings, diseases, fight, surgical methods, and childbirth. Next an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) normally display some frequent aftereffects. Research has established a established of widespread NDE features and very long-term aftereffects. Typical theories used to explain near-death experiences have been demonstrated inadequate by NDE researchers and some others.

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  1. Regarding NDEs and heroes, I'm reminded of what Dannion Brinkley says in 'Saved By The Light': "They told me we're not from here, we're from there…We're here on Earth doing God's work and trying to fix it. We're like soldiers. Hm. I like that… being like a soldier. Some succeed and some fail, but we're all heroes just for being here."

  2. Consider the possibility that God is Love (that God is literally the emotion of love) and that there is no time. Consider the possibility that God did not make the universe or man. Consider the possibility that the only thing that God made was his Son. How did God make His Son? Well, God simply had a thought of Himself in His Mind and that Thought is His Son. So, His Son is exactly like Him, because His Son is God's thought of Himself. If you were to imagine yourself just as you are now, that thought of yourself could be seen as your son, or your mini-me. Now, in Heaven there is no time, because in Heaven there is no change. Why would Perfection change? However, into the mind of God's Son there came the idea of time. And, rather than laugh at the absurdity of that idea, He took it seriously. And whatever the Son of God takes seriously becomes real to him and only to him — like a daydream. Thus, the space-time continuum was born as a dream in the Mind of God's Son, but not in the Mind of God. God is kind of a bore. He only knows what is Real. And Timelessness is the only Reality. Since "time" is the idea of separation, the universe is a place of change and separation. So, what does that mean for us. Well, NDEs tell us that the Earth has much greater sense of separation. But that sense of separation comes only from taking the idea of time seriously. So, if we let go of thoughts of the "past" and/or "future", then in our mind we will fall into the present moment. The present moment is as close as we can get to Heaven (Timelessness) here on Earth. The longer we stay in the present moment on Earth, the easier our transition to the Timelessness of Heaven. (Only the souls that think that time is real will have life reviews. If you don't take time seriously, there is no past to review.) Speaking in tongues is a great way to fall into the present moment, because only thoughts of the past give words meaning. Zen Buddhism came from the Buddha's Flower sermon. He simply looked at a flower without moving. Finally, one of his disciples "got it". If you let the memory of a flower go, you will always be in the present moment seeing the flower for the first time. After all, neither the past or future is here now. So, the past and future are kind of like hallucinations. Now, these are not new thoughts. You can find them all over the place, if you look.

  3. I can't believe he says that we are reincarnated in different lives. It even says in the Bible we die once and if we believe in Jesus were immediately right there with him we don't reincarnate several lives over and over again. This was disappointing