Kimberly Clark Sharp's Near Death Experience NDE

Kimberly Clark Sharp's Near Death Experience NDE

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Near Death Experience, NDE: Kimberly Clark Sharp, writer of Soon after the Light, was a younger woman when a person working day she all of a sudden collapsed whilst at the Section of Motor Automobiles with her father. Resuscitation tries only pushed her closer to death, and she experienced a profound NDE in which she achieved an all loving Remaining of Light. To see much more NDE videos, subscribe to this channel. For additional info on NDEs, stop by

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  1. What I often ask myself is how they detect that feeling of Love as coming from outside? When I feel love it is because I activly love another creature. There is that loving feeling in my heart, my body and my mind. But Love as passively r e c i v e d I only feel when it is shown throu the deeds of the other beeing: Someone treating me friendly, understanding me, encouraging me with mindfull words, talking to me with compassion and giving me his time. Otherwise Love is just a word if it is not shown in our actions. So how do they all feel love – as coming from some unknown source outside? I really do not know how it is concived and how it is felt and how it feels because I only know it from my own loving feelings inside. What are they all talking of and what are they mean when they all say "I felt loved by that light"???

  2. Every NDE is simply amazing. Each one shares things in common with other NDEs and yet is always unique. And they each have their own gems, revelations, of a greater spiritual reality seemingly beyond us, yet we feel, believe in, pray to, hope for, find peace in. There are a couple gems in this one, but I’ve never heard one where the NDEr calls out to God AFTER returning back to their body! Is greeted by God again. Is shown a window to back to heaven… and then JUMPS THROUGH! I believe that which brings us joy and a sense of love is holy. The humor in that scene does it for me. Thank you Kimberly, for protesting the return to coldness, the misery, and jumping through the window! Makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time.

  3. My daughter committed suicide at 17 last month. I am tremendously grateful for testimonies like this. I communicated with her half a day later, but it was brief, and covered the mere essentials: she was happy, had lots of friends where she was and things to do, and she apologized, and told me I'd done my best and not to worry. How I was able to do this I'm not sure, but i used my heart as an antenna of sorts in a way i think can rarely happen, though I'd love to repeat it.

  4. I was pronounced DOA ( NOT a NDE ) at a medical center in 1973… No further attempt was made to resuscitate me… More than half an hour passed, and then my Heart started to beat again… During that half hour, I discovered the DIFFERENCE, between the human body, and "LIFE The Real Self"… I found that this universe including the human body, to be just a 'Story', presented in the form of a 'Holographic Simulation', in a Display Register, of "The Processing System of LIFE", where "LIFE The Real Self", ( An Offspring of The LIGHT ) is the OBSERVER.

  5. The part I don’t get in these, Is we all are as she said “ banged on the door” to be born….no matter how difficult a life, all because we made an agreement. BUT, when we temporarily return, we don’t want what we agreed. Always. Were we misinformed?

  6. I absolutely LOVE how she says its really a remembrance of everything! I was blessed to have found books by Betty Eadie (embraced by the light) and her NDE. As I read each page, that's EXACTLY how I felt! Like "oh yeah! Now I remember!"
    These videos bring me so much happiness and love hearing all the similarities such as colors that cannot be described, the knowledge of everything, etc!

  7. Hey kim thanks very much for sharing … what a wonderful NDE I enjoyed every moment of it, this unconditional LOVE from our Creator, all the years of church going never been taught these wonderful news , come to a conclusion that: these testimonies of being LOVED like never before , heavenly places, a sense of coming HOME , no judgment and religion are two totally diferent things . May our CREATOR bless you Kimberly

  8. That was so beautiful how she didn’t want to come back and she knew heaven is where her home is, but she only stayed on earth because she wanted to be of service. What a beautiful and funny soul she is.

  9. I came across this video at the perfect point in my life – so comforting to hear this story – I’m hoping to enjoy my life my loved ones this earth more with this understanding of the afterlife – and in the end if there is no afterlife well then I will have lived a better life with less stress deeper love and more appreciation for the experiences I come across

  10. We're all just doing time here on this planet. Like when you're in a dark movie hall. That's all that you see. It's only when you come out, and see the people, traffic, sounds then the realisation dawns. It's the same