Jesus Told Him To Spread Laughter, Joy, Love and Light During His Near Death Experience

Jesus Told Him To Spread Laughter, Joy, Love and Light During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 248 is Chase Skylar. Chase experienced a near death experience in 2008 and was despatched again to earth to unfold light, really like, and laughter through the globe. Chase Skylar’s NDE was loaded with elegance and he encountered Jesus. Chase stored his near-death experience non-public for 12 years, fearing judgment and retribution. In October 2020, nonetheless, Chase Skylar attended a Veteran’s Mental Overall health Retreat that reopened his NDE and designed a newfound enthusiasm for helping fellow Veterans and their supporters. Now, Chase is pursuing a degree in Alternate Drugs, electricity healing and finding out other ways to distribute his light.

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  1. Ironically I had a sub temper from I was a sick child . Once i say my entire family praying i was 20 miles away in a coma in hospital. I have always knew God was real . Have had many NDE,s. Collectively. I was told that it was being crazy when I told others so I stopped telling people. Unless they're closing in on death they. Will ask me about it with out knowing of it beforehand. So it like they can see it .

  2. I know that I'm going to love this video. I like to make notes on comments b4 I send them back to you so that I don't forget to say something. Chase is such a righteous young man….like the son my husband and I never had…don't think I'm being conceited but he's more like me…sweet and understandable, compassionate….not that my husband is not sweet.. he is…he's just not me and I'm not him, but we know what each other is thinking. I love the fact that Chase prays all thru the day. I do that too. I laugh with jesus.. I laugh with the angels. Of course, I can't see them; hear them; touch them…but regardless, they are with me, and they are with Chase! I had to watch this video twice, and I kept on watching Chase's face. It's like I knew him in Heaven at one time. I know….I'm being "cheeky"!…Lol! I, too, agree that there is nothing any sweeter than a baby laughing and playing!! My husband does not understand me because my body effects electronics. Watches stop on me. Cell phones go crazy in my bands. I have terrible allergies to dog dander. My temperature can go as low as 94° but I won't be sick. I was 42 yrs. old when this young man was born. This was one year before my lovely mother died. I was so happy when I was 42.. I remember that year. I have this thing called Raynaud's Syndrome…meaning I can go into frostbite in 100 degree weather. I have a weird body because of Raynaud's. I am absolutely fascinated by Chase. My husband is disability retired from the navy.. he is blind in his right eye. Chase, I want you to have a wonderful life!!!!

  3. His message really touched me. For a long time I have thought of myself as a three-year-old child, taking a walk with Jesus.
    I run over to the side of the gravel trail, to discover a flower, or a leaf, and simply share my discovery with Him.

    Near the end, Chase talks about taking classes and doing what makes us happy.
    My sister wants to come this summer for what we are calling our Great Grand Experiment. We want to set up dome tents and live in them for a week or a month.
    Yep, after doing it, we will be glad to say, "Been there, done that, and it was fun, because we did it together."

  4. I died on the table during my emergency cesarean-section while on base at the hospital, I went into cardiac arrest. My records for that were also “lost” & it was never mentioned in any records I could get for that day of my cesarean. It makes me wonder how common this practice is on base for those very important records to just get “lost”.

  5. This was fantastic and JUST what I needed to hear this morning ~ not that I'm depressed, but it's always great to be able to share something JOYFUL! wheee! What a perfect NAME Chase is Blessed with too, to go along with his Message. Blessings and Thank you to Jeff & Mara!

  6. Wow what a good speaker. I believe him 100%. Too many details are the same or simular as in many near death experiences. Jesus not looking as we think he should, the music and angels, and the colors we have never seen.

  7. There's a book called "God Calling" by Two Listeners, in which Jesus met with these 2 anonymous women each night for 1 year. In each message He tells them to spread Love, Laughter and Joy!!! So I'm not surprised that this is the message he gave to him!